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UPLACE: Don’t saddle us with grandiose plans

Re: “Years of big travel over for UPlace Town Center” (TNT, 5-29).

As a longtime resident of Tacoma, and now new resident of University Place, I’ve read your series of articles on the UP Town Center with keen interest.

UP chased out existing successful businesses and replaced a relatively new library with a new, expensive library. All of this was in the hopes of attracting upscale businesses, which have shown little interest in locating to an area that has no easy access to freeways.

But it doesn’t end there. Our county government has built a new “destination” golf course in

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UPLACE: City shouldn’t sell out now

Re:”Years of big travel over for UPlace Town Center” (TNT, 5-29).

It would be a real shame if readers were to lose sight of the long-term vision of what Town Center and University Place can become. By picking apart the financial decisions our civic leaders made years ago, in a completely different economic climate, The News Tribune risks fueling momentum that could result in a compromised version of our city’s future.

Town Center has not been stalled because a few city officials flew to Las Vegas, but because the country suffered an economic downturn and banks refused to lend. These

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UPLACE: Appraise, then sell Town Center land

After attending Monday’s University Place City Council meeting, I was actually starting to believe the trip to Las Vegas to promote Town Center might have been worth the money spent. It was interesting to find out that the Realtor hired to sell/lease space at Town Center can’t; there has been no value put to the units.

Unfortunately it took a turn for the worse as Ken Grassi gave his summary. He started by saying this was the first time they have had collateral and a vision to present (it took 6-plus years) and then started describing how Town Center needs

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