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HEALTH: Tort system needs reform, too

Re: “Good medicine also includes knowing what shouldn’t be done” (Viewpoint, 10-19).

Dr. Nick Rajacich’s article recommending more thoughtful decisions before ordering scans and tests is right, but the legal system and attorneys need to be on board, too.

No diagnostic system is perfect, but when the penalty for a missing a potentially dangerous abnormality is almost certainly a lawsuit, as a physician I will feel compelled to order MRIs even when I expect them to be normal.

Will the public and lawyers accept 95 percent accuracy to save lots of medical expense, or will they demand and pay

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LAWSUITS: Tell the whole truth about tragic case

Rob Costello and Howard Fischer of the state Attorney General’s Office protest that the state’s liability burden is unfair (Viewpoint, 12-29), citing the McGuire case as an example. Unfortunately, they have misrepresented and omitted the facts of that case.

Tracy Enoch-Jevne, an offender under state supervision, had a lengthy criminal history of more than 20 misdemeanor and five felony convictions, including four DUIs. On the day in question in 1999, she ran over and killed Michael McGuire at a gas station while driving a truck from the passenger seat.

Costello and Fischer fail to mention that the offender was

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LAWSUITS: Legislation needed to rein in costs

While I sympathize with the Gig Harbor lady who was attacked by her neighbors’ pit bulls (TNT, 8-5), I think it is time to quit punishing taxpayers who are in no way responsible for the actions of government employees over whom they have no control just because they happen to reside in the same governmental district.

Public employees who are derelict in their duties to the point that it causes harm to others should certainly be held responsible for their actions. Reprimands, demotions, termination and even criminal charges should all be on the table if the facts warrant them,

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