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ELECTIONS: Top-two primary bad for voters

Re: “U.S. judge upholds top- two primary” (TNT, 1-12).

This is a very sad day for Washington. Tuesday’s judicial ruling upholding the top-two primary provides voters with less choice, not more.The days of nomination by political parties, with ideologies and programs to advocate, are gone.

All candidates will campaign to the middle, because the top two system is geared to favor consensus over principles or ideals.  Only well-financed, glib and telegenic media darlings will ever advance to the general election. The poor, tongue-tied and ugly won’t even get a hearing.

Before you snicker at that, remember that the whole point

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ELECTION: ‘Answer Man’ has wrong answer

Our “top two” primary system gives us one-party elections and that’s “OK,” says the “Answer Man” (Peter Callaghan column, 8-22).

There is no possible way a third-party candidate can be a credible candidate for office with this insane system, but that’s “OK.” On the next page I read that, thanks to the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision that money is “free speech,” far more millions are pouring in to buy elections this year for the special interests and even foreign governments if they are incorporated “persons.”

The “Answer Man” finds this undemocratic corrupt system to be fine because it replaces

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PRIMARY: Don’t imply that candidates are affiliated with political parties

I know that accuracy is important to The News Tribune, so I was dismayed by the piece on the “top two” primary (8-9), indicating that most South Sound races “will pair one Republican and one Democrat.”

According to the Legislature and the attorney general defending the primary in federal court, that is inaccurate.

Candidates are no longer “Republicans” or “Democrats” and are no longer elected as representatives of those parties. They are merely people who might “prefer” one party over another but without any real association with, or connection to, a political party.

If candidates actually were being elected as

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