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PUYALLUP: Principal has another choice to make

Re: “School district tells rest of its story on Puyallup principal” (TNT, 5-11).

I have no doubt that Scott Brittain is a charismatic leader. What is abundantly clear after reading the documents is that he also did not feel that he had to follow the rules that were established for all district principals. This was his choice.

If the principals are not held accountable to follow rules, how can any of the children or staff be held accountable?

As parents, when our children make the wrong choice with our rules, we give them consequences. Rules are what make a civilized

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PUYALLUP: Losing principal hurts students

As a recent graduate of Rogers High School, I find it incredibly frustrating and, for that matter, incredibly sad, that Scott Brittain will not be principal there next year.

I spent three years at Rogers, and by the time I graduated the student population numbered something close to 1,800, yet I never doubted that every day Brittain was going to bat for each and every student, myself included. The learning environment at Rogers was a stellar one, and it was made possible because Brittain cared about all 1,800 of us, individually and collectively.

The impact he had on every student

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PUYALLUP: Supporters loyal but misguided

Re: “Rogers loses fight to keep principal” (TNT, 5-10).

The Puyallup School Board meeting Monday night was a classic example of gross ignorance caused by lack of knowledge. The Rogers High School students and supporters, while appropriately passionate and loyal to Principal Scott Brittain, are sadly misguided and in many cases highly immature.

It is obvious to anyone with a shred of common sense that the issues involved in Brittain’s situation go way beyond what the school district and Superintendent Tony Apostle can discuss in the media. While this mob has the right to stand in front

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PUYALLUP SCHOOLS: Changes will hurt community

Does the Puyallup School Board really know best?

Tony Apostle, Superintendent, has taken it upon himself (cleverly disguised in the form of a committee) that a reconfiguration is in order for Puyallup schools.

He has proposed taking ninth-graders from junior highs and cramming them into high schools to the tune of 2,500 students to occupy a building with a 1,250 capacity. Is this supposed to be a better high school experience?

He says it will give them more options. Make no mistake, there will be no options with that many kids, other than an extended day of school. Yes, night

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