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ELECTION: Tom Campbell is right for the 2nd district

I have known state Rep. Tom Campbell for many years as he has worked diligently on critical issues for the 2nd Legislative District which have been a concern for me.

Campbell’s record includes important health care legislation, veteran’s benefits, critical transportation infrastructure, environmental health concerns and strict controls on methamphetamine precursors – which he had to fight very hard to get passed.

His bills are well researched, meaningful and beneficial to the district – not just “show bills.” Campbell has the experience, knowledge and background, and he understands how to get things done in Olympia. He isn’t afraid

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ELECTION: Campbell isn’t taking potshots

I have known state Rep. Tom Campbell and his wife Lynn since 1992 and have worked on many of his campaigns. I have never know him to say anything negatives about any opponent he has run against. He has questioned their political ideas and come out ahead.

Campbell has accomplished a lot for the 2nd Legislative District and the rest of Pierce County during his time in office. The postcard that folks got in the mail was sent out by a third party that neither Campbell nor anyone in his campaign had anything to do with. When he has something

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ELECTION: Campbell’s claims are unfair

We received a postcard from state Rep. Tom Campbell’s re-election campaign. It claims that JT Wilcox – Campbell’s challenger in the 2nd district – made a “million-dollar fortune off his workers.”

For the ad to suggest that an entrepreneur is wrong to make a profit from his family business is just wrong. Is Campbell suggesting we redistribute wealth, that it is not right to to make a profit?

The card cites a 2008 Seattle newspaper headline about how the Wilcox Family Farms “plans to lay off third of work force.” The Wilcox farming business ended milk production because it was

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