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ELECTION: Republicans real problem: Women

Amid growing concern that they may be heading off an electoral cliff, the Republican Party is starting to panic. Mitt Romney has been taking an unusual amount of friendly fire for the ineffectiveness of his campaign. The candidate’s propensity for foot-in-mouth disease is certainly not helping matters, but the party continues to be in denial about the real root of their problem.

Recent polling is clearly showing an increasing gender gap, a gap that has already reached unprecedented levels. The Todd Akin affair has effectively ripped the mask off the true agenda of the radical right, along with its ignorance

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AKIN: Kernel of truth in comment

Re: “Akin’s ignorance puts focus on GOP’s ‘war on women’” (Eugene Robinson column, 8-21).

Everyone is running away from Todd Akin’s comment (that rape rarely leads to pregnancy), but it does contain a kernel of truth.

No one seems to recall that zoologist Desmond Morris made a similar point in his book, “The Naked Ape.” He thought that the evolution of intense emotional human pair bonding fostered modes of physical intimacy that enhanced the probability of fertilization, such as the couple lying together after copulation instead of the woman walking or running away.

Although it may not be germane

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GOP: Some would deny abortion to rape victims

Re: “Akin’s rape comments stir outcry” (TNT, 8-20).

Rape is a political act, not just a sexual act.

As President Obama said, “Rape is rape.” Republicans who parse rape as “legitimate” or not, who minimize rape’s horror by imagining that no pregnancy ensues, who would criminalize abortion even in cases of rape, perpetuate the psychology of the imperial conquistador.

Throughout history, invaders have used rape not only to intimidate conquered populations, but also to de-legitimize ethnic minorities, denying their children a right to claim the land and its resources. This form of oppression is only possible because raped mothers

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