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TOBACCO: Vaping tax will cause deaths

Re: “Inslee tax would nearly double cost of vaping” (thenewstribune.com, 2-26).

I have a serious question for Jay Inslee: “Governor, why do you want people to die?”

For 20 years or so, it’s been public policy to encourage smoking cessation by imposing high taxes on tobacco products. It’s been a very gradual process, but the taxes have been partially successful. Smoking is on the decline.

Now we have an attractive and economical alternative to smoking cigarettes (vaping) that has the potential to finish the job, but Inslee wants to tax it to smithereens. Because of this tax, some smokers

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LAKEWOOD: Make parks healthier, cleaner places

Next week the Lakewood City Council will consider the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board’s recommendation to ban tobacco products on park property. Now Lakewood has a tremendous opportunity to protect our youth and families from the dangerous health effects of tobacco use.

As a Lakewood resident and chair of the American Heart Association’s South Sound Division board of directors, I urge the Lakewood City Council to adopt the proposed code change to make our parks smoke-free.

Children and families go to parks to use playground equipment, engage in physical activity and enjoy fresh air. We should support and encourage these

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SMOKING: Washington’s Clean Indoor Air Act under attack

The tobacco industry is at it again. They just won’t give up their fight to punch a hole in this state’s Clean Indoor Air law.

In 2005, with 65 percent of the vote, voters in Pierce County and, in fact, all 39 Washington counties, voted to pass Initiative 901, making all indoor public places and workplaces smoke-free. Now the tobacco industry and a few special interest groups are trying to overturn the will of Washington’s people by allowing smoking in 100 bars/restaurants and 500 tobacco shops!

There is no safe level of exposure to secondhand smoke; employees in these businesses

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SMOKING: Raise smoking age to 21

It is said that if someone doesn’t start smoking by the time they are 21, they probably never will. So why not raise the smoking age to 21?

The money saved on treatment of smoking-related illnesses and on cessation programs could be used to beef up enforcement of such a law. Enforcement should be directed against stores that sell cigarettes to those under 21, against straw purchasers who provide cigarettes to them and against underage smokers.

I am assuming that the state wants to reduce smoking, or is it addicted to tobacco tax revenue generated by teen smokers?