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Tag: Tobacco-free Alliance of Pierce County


SMOKING: Tobacco-free parks make sense

Re: “Lakewood backs off ban on tobacco in parks” (TNT, 1-19).

On behalf of the Tobacco-Free Alliance of Pierce County (TAP), I support the Lakewood Parks and Recreation Advisory Board’s unanimous recommendation to make the city’s parks tobacco-free.

Tobacco use is a leading cause of preventable death and disease in the nation, in Washington state and in Pierce County. Our parks should be healthy and safe places for families to gather and for kids and adults to be physically active.

Parks currently regulate the use of alcohol and require owners to clean up after their pets. Eliminating tobacco use

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PUYALLUP FAIR: Smoking may dampen attendance

I read the article about attendance being down at the Puyallup Fair (TNT, 9-28). No one mentioned secondhand smoke as a potential reason.

I stopped attending the Puyallup Fair many years ago because of the constant exposure to secondhand smoke. I had been coming to the Puyallup Fair since I was a child and have many fond memories. As an adult, I noticed more and more secondhand smoke as I walked around the fairgrounds.

Here’s the reality: The “smoking sections” at the fair are just as effective as “peeing sections” in a swimming pool. Everybody has contact with it. I

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