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TACOMA: What a difference 50 years can make

I read with particular interest the Looking Back item of Tuesday (TNT, 7-7). Recounted was the rezone hearing in 1965 for my dad’s small business, the Park Avenue Tavern at 7203 S. Park Ave. in Tacoma.

And now the rest of the story. He did obtain his rezone for the new location. He closed the existing business at the end of his lease about a month later. A contractor was hired, permits were obtained, and the new building was completed in time for a mid-December opening, a little over four months after closing.

He operated the business for nearly 30 more years

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TNT: Don’t repeat racist remarks

Re: “Quoteworthy” (TNT, 6-21).

The racist remark attributed to the alleged killer in the recent Charleston church shooting is not something we need or want to read. It certainly was not “quoteworthy.” Other similar racist quotes or editorial comments are frequently tucked into your longer articles, and are like a drop of poison in an otherwise informative report.

We in Tacoma have had enough of those nasty little inclusions. You don’t have to repeat everything you hear. Some comments deserve to simply fade away. Please use your influence in the press to further understanding and acceptance among races and cultures,

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SUICIDE: Waiting for facts shows true integrity

It filled me with sadness and even grief to read about Izabel’s Laxamana’s death. Along with thousands around the world, my heart goes out to her family and friends.

The coverage this story received in The News Tribune showed a remarkable restraint and hewed to the facts. When a newspaper operates this way, it illustrates why it’s so important to a community.. The process laid out in “Waiting for facts” (Karen Peterson column, 6-14) is the essence of journalism.

Thanks for remembering that on the other side of a story is a person, a family and a community seeking

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POLICE: Bias apparent in article about shooting

Re: “No charges for officer who killed 18-year-old” (TNT, 5-20).

The emphasis in this three-paragraph story seems to be on the fact that the man was yet another black teenager who was shot and killed by a white police officer in St. Louis, Missouri.

Not until the very last lines of the article do we learn that VonDerrit Myers Jr. was armed and that the officer shot “in self-defense after Myers first fired at him.”

A more accurate headline would have been: “No charges for officer who killed armed man.”

I see bias in this reporting because the most important reason for this death

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GARDEN: Working together grows strong families

That is the best picture of the year (TNT, 5-19), a little family working in the vegetable garden.
I never liked grass (lawn) as when I was growing up it was good only for our goats.
All the children had chores in the house and garden for the benefit of the family.

It is wonderful to see such a picture and the thought behind it, feeding family and community. Any piece of land can be a food garden; it only takes effort and attention. It builds strong families, working together, with the satisfaction of their labor when rheir

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TNT: Logical disconnect on the front page

Did anyone else note the irony of two front-page articles in the May 15 News Tribune?

One decries the absurd media coverage of a kerfluffle between a Utah city and a homeowner over a front-yard box fort he had constructed for his children. The second is a serious article about the local middle school dance dress code and how wronged a student felt because she was made to cover her shoulders.

Both these issues could have been settled quietly, using common sense. Neither was important enough to be elevated to the public stage.


MAY DAY: Where was TNT coverage?

Last Friday, May Day, the local evening news on each channel was full of coverage of protest and police activity in Seattle. As I often do, the next morning I searched The News Tribune for fuller coverage of the event. Not a word!

A similar event in Baltimore was fully covered, and there were many events, seeingly less important, near and far, that received coverage. On Sunday there was an article and picture in Section B, provided by the Associated Press; there it was reported that there were May Day activities in Tacoma.

Apparently neither event merited a local reporter’s

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HASH OIL: Editorial reflects nanny state mentality

Re: “Nip dangerous hash oil production in the bud” (editorial, 4-7).

The only thing needing to be nipped in the bud are the sclerotic, uninformed, unreasoned and hysterical opinions of the nanny state brigade, also known as The News Tribune editorial board.

It doesn’t take much for them to reach into their bag of ancient, anecdotal prejudices. Let us hope the last gasps of this dying breed are panned by Washington state legislators.

When Nancy Reagan said, “Just say no to drugs,” she was a little off. It should have been, “Just say no to the war on drugs.” In fact,

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