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METRO PARKS: Pools should serve all ages

Metro Park’s investment in the Kandle Park swimming pool was made long ago, and during these hot days of summer seems like a wise investment when measured in the shouts and laughter of the children. But it is really nothing more than a kiddie pool.

Children could play at the Titlow pool, but because it was Olympic-sized, it was a place where serious swimmers could do laps. That the park district offers a place for children to play in water is nice, but that it has allowed such a magnificent pool to decay is shameful. Kiddie pools are transitory and

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METRO PARKS: Board failing the community

Re: “Titlow Pool fills a need, group says” (TNT, 6-24).

In 2005, Tacoma voted to replace Titlow Pool, a 50-meter competition pool that also had recreational uses. The Metro Parks board, however, had other ideas.

I participated in three of the general interest meetings. It was clear to a number of us that the board had its own agenda and that the public meetings were window dressing. Ignoring our city’s legacy of Olympic swimmers, it went for cash from the splash-and-dash crowd.

You might think, with all the news on obesity, that the board would have fitness as at

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METRO PARKS: Let group run Titlow Pool

Re: “Titlow Pool fills a need, group says” (TNT, 6-23).

Why is the Metro Parks Board so opposed to keeping Titlow Pool open? This is a pool that has served the Tacoma community and the overall competitive swim community for decades.

I guess it should not be a surprise since the board reneged on its bond issue promise to improve the pool years ago and only put in the new fun pool at Kandle Park after much public outcry and negotiation.

What boggles my mind is why the board will not even entertain a proposal by a community group

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