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ELECTION: Flemming better understands Tacoma issues

As a longtime Tacoma resident who grew up in Gig Harbor, I strongly support re-electing Stan Flemming to the Pierce County Council. I would like to join Tacoma leaders such as Tim Farrell, Karen Vialle, Ryan Mello, Victoria Woodards, David Boe, Tacoma Police Union #6 and others in supporting the best candidate.

In this era of partisan gridlock and lack of progress in government, it is imperative we elect officials who care more about problem solving than politically driven opportunism. Flemming’s opponent has defined his candidacy in past mailers by partisan politics and blame and does not have a coherent

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ELECTION: Tim Farrell best for assessor-treasurer

Like many other seniors my age (I am in my 80s), it is my sole wish to stay in my home and not be forced to move due to rising taxes. This is one of the main reasons I am voting for Tim Farrell for Pierce County assessor-treasurer. He will make sure that seniors can maximize all tax advantages afforded to us by the voters.

Farrell also has the education and experience that the office is in desperate need of. He has innovative ideas concerning the office and will bring it into the 21st century. He will create a safe

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