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PORTS: Alliance isn’t enough to solve infrastructure woes

Re: “Ports of Tacoma, Seattle to form seaport alliance” (TNT, 10-8).

The “alliance” of the ports of Seattle and Tacoma may be a day late and a dollar short. Neither port, nor the state of Washington, nor Puget Sound have addressed the transportation stranglehold that clogs our infrastructure daily.

The efforts of Tim Eyman, gullible voters who support him and shortsighted Republicans have ensured that Washington’s Department of Transportation has not had the funding to move the region into the 21st century.

The new generation of super container ships and the alliance of industries that are ordering them will

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TAXES: Lower sales tax and tax income

I think we need to get rid of the sales tax or at least lower it below 5 percent, including all the various county add-on sales tax. Replace it with a state income tax.

Taxes must be raised, not only for education but for infrastructure. You can’t drive a straight line in Tacoma or Seattle because of the potholes. The Republican/Tim Eyman model of less and less tax is turning Washington into a third-rate state. Apparently these people don’t get out of the house or drive much.

In addition there needs to be a public education program that tells the

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EYMAN: Name I-5 bridge for someone who believes in government

It’s ironic and sick that someone proposes to name the replacement I-5 bridge for Tim Eyman.

The guy has dedicated himself to impoverishing government and taking away tax monies used for infrastructure (roads, bridges). Eyman’s dream Washington would have no red-light cameras or other surveillance, in the name of “liberty,” also known as anarchic chaos.

Name the bridge for someone who believes in public projects and active government.


BUDGET: Republicans incapable of state business

So we are within days of a possible state shutdown because the policies of the Republican Party are so disgusting that the Legislature is blocked. They refuse to generate the reasonable revenue to run the state and instead opt to run us into the ground. This is completely absurd and unnecessary.

I vote for running Tim Eyman out of Washington on a rail. He is the worst problem facing Washington. For the promise of pocket change he has deceived Washington voters and has made himself wealthy by insulting and denigrating public servants. He’s a for-hire thug, camera-hog crybaby who is

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BRIDGE: Another disaster for state government

So the Interstate 5 bridge over the Skagit River has collapsed. This event signals another expensive failure of a Washington state agency, one in a litany of failures over the past decade: Department of Corrections, DSHS, Transportation and others.

Something is wrong when so many costly failures (in millions of dollars and lives damaged or lost) keep occurring. Most recently WSDOT failed to properly design pontoons for the state Route 520 bridge. Why?

And there’s more: it’s time for Tim Eyman to go away. And time for the citizens of this state to realize that there is no free lunch.

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EYMAN: Apology owed all right – to prostitutes

It’s shocking! Tim Eyman called the governor “a lying whore” in an email (TNT, 2-23).

I am more offended at Gov. Jay Inslee’s weasel-worded promise to veto tax increases and then to state that he would be open to extending existing taxes.

The term “whore” can refer to an unscrupulous person. It can also refer to a person who engages in sexual acts for money. If Eyman owes anyone an apology it would be the prostitutes who were compared to a dishonest politician.

If I don’t want a prostitute to steal my money, I don’t have to associate with

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I-1125: Old way of tolling is fair

Re: “New Eyman initiative tells state to stick with old ways of tolling” (TNT, 10-17).

The rationale usually given for creating a toll for a bridge is that those who use the bridge should be more responsible for paying the cost than those who are not greatly affected by it.

Given this, it seems unfair to use revenue from one toll for work on another project. It changes the toll from a specialized fee into a more general or broader tax. Yet that is one of many criticisms of Initiative 1125: It constrains the revenue from one toll for

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