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POT: Thurston County protects neighborhood

As a landowner in Thurston County, I would like to thank the Resource Stewardship Department and the county Health and Public Safety Department for their efforts in protecting my rights and the rights of all of my neighbors.

Recently, an unpermitted and unregulated cooperative garden/dispensary moved in next door and instantly impacted our rights as neighbors and landowners with an every Saturday market featuring 30-plus marijuana vendors, 300-plus customers, 6½ hours of live music, a smoking lounge, loitering and excessive traffic.

Can you imagine your new next-door neighbor doing such a thing?

As neighbors we turned to the county, discovering this

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ELECTION: Bud Blake for Thurston County commissioner

Being somewhat critical by nature it is all the more pleasurable to provide an endorsement to support the candidacy of Walter “Bud” Blake – who is running for the office of county commissioner in Thurston County. I have known Blake for two decades; worked with him on three continents; and witnessed the dedication, hard work and passion that he brings to every project.

His desire to serve the people of Thurston County led him to run for elected office. Once elected he will use his many skills to faithfully and effectively represent the people in the county. Bud Blake is

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JZ KNIGHT: Freedom Foundation continues political attack

I am writing to address omissions and inaccuracies in the Viewpoint (TNT, 8-17) by Jeff Rhodes in which he continues his political attack on JZ Knight and local Democrats.

The most glaring omission is Rhodes’ failure  to respond to comparisons that the Freedom Foundation is a direct descendant of the John Birch Society, using the same methods to achieve the same goals.

Rhodes omits any explanation of the Freedom Foundation’s strong political advocacy positions and how it can maintain 501(c)(3) nonprofit charity status when its educational works are one-sided. It benefits from a virtual government subsidy of paying no

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THURSTON COUNTY: Blake has inspired one nonvoter

I’m not one who gets into political stuff, especially when people I have met are involved as candidates. I avoid it so much I don’t register to vote so I can avoid jury duty.

This guy, though, he’s running for Thurston County commissioner. Name’s Bud Blake. Just reading his goals and the problems he aims to fix on his website sparked a passion inside me for the very first time over this kind of subject. Especially after these last years with the current commissioner.

Blake doesn’t just pretend to care, like most do until the election is over. This guy

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GOP: Republicans are no friend to the GLBTQ community

The Republican Party promises to be more inclusive and open the “big tent.” Judging by the actions of the Washington State Republicans, the tent appears closed to the GLBTQ community.

A campaign by the state party and the conservative Freedom Foundation has tried to paint a prominent businesswoman and Democratic donor as homophobic and racist. Possibly because they were stung by losses in 2012, the groups pressured Thurston County Democrats to return donations and refuse future funds. To justify this, they trumpet highly edited video made to give the appearance of intolerant speech and behavior.

This is destined to fail

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ELECTION: Is TNT only concerned about JZ Knight donations?

Re: “Bigotry? Thurston Dems give Ramtha a pass” (editorial, 5-15).

Your editorial suggests you want to ensure that political contributions are of the highest order.

Why has a story from 2012 resurfaced? Because the Freedom Foundation worries about donations from JZ Knight to local Democrats in 2014. In 2013, Knight supported Democrat Mary Hall. Hall defeated a Republican candidate backed by the Freedom Foundation to become the first Democratic auditor in Thurston County in 71 years.

Your editorial failed to mention that the Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment videos were edited. Two people who illegally disseminated the videos admitted to editing

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ELECTION: Gary Alexander’s best choice for Thurston auditor

Thurston County citizens should vote to retain Gary Alexander as their auditor. He has demonstrated in his years of public service that he has the business, legislative, financial and managerial experience that the job requires.

I was privileged to serve with Alexander in the state Legislature for four years and observed firsthand his outstanding ability as the ranking Republican member of the House Ways and Means Committee. He helped to develop the state budget and worked to wisely allocate and prioritize citizen’s tax dollars.

He has both communication and people skills to work effectively with staff as well as inform

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TACOMA: Get on board and ban plastic bags

With Thurston County’s and Tumwater’s recent approvals of a plastic bag ban, the number of communities in our area that have started to recognize the environmental dangers of these unnecessary items continues to grow.

Mukilteo, Issaquah, Port Townsend, Edmonds, Seattle and Bellingham have all taken a stand on this issue and have made the decision to get rid of plastic grocery bags within their borders. The Olympia City Council will be considering the issue as well.

Bags are recycled at a rate of less than 5 percent nationwide. It costs more to recycle them than it is worth, which means

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