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SHUTDOWN: Squabble is part of elegant design

Over at dailycaller.com is an article suggesting that we’re doomed because, while college students know all about “twerking,” most have no idea who Vladimir Putin is. Well, another sign we’re doomed is Thomas Friedman’s column (TNT, 10-3) deriding the shutdown as imperiling our democracy.

Friedman is a well-educated guy, but news flash: We don’t live in a “democracy.” It’s a “constitutional republic,” and a system where quite often minority rights, by design, trump majority rights. For example, the First Amendment protects Friedman from being made to sit down and shut up by the majority, and that’s a good

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JOBS: Tariffs needed more than better education

Thomas Friedman’s recent column (TNT, 8-12) used a lot of words to tell us something we already know: American schools are not the best in the world, not even close. But what he neglected to mention was that even if our education system regains the top spot, our standard of living is going to continue downward unless additional steps are taken.

Friedman said it himself: CEOs manufacture their goods where labor is cheapest. So no matter how smart and educated we are, businesses are going to abandon America until our wages fall below the wages of places like China

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ELECTION: Green Party offers another direction

I agree with Thomas Friedman’s column (TNT, 6-21), except for one statement: “But there will be no third-party candidate” to push either party.

The truth is that we do have a third-party candidate for president who espouses a platform of changes that would be the “shock therapy” that Friedman describes in his book, “That Used To Be Us.”

The Green Party candidate for president is Jill Stein, M.D., a graduate of Harvard University. Read her platform at www.jillstein.org/text_psou about what she would do as president, and see how this would change the direction of our country.


JOBS: Companies expect public to pay for training

Two pieces on the same page (Thomas Friedman column and Viewpoint, 5-22) bemoaned the supposed lack of qualified and trained American workers.

Friedman fell for Microsoft’s old complaint about not being able to find people for thousands of unfilled jobs, and Vigor Industrial’s CEO lamented the fact that he cannot find workers with the requisite skills. Both companies and many others seem to expect that the education and public sector should provide them with “off-the-shelf,” ready-to-go labor with any skill sets at any time.

This is hardly realistic in a complex workplace with increasing specialization and rapidly changing

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