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VERDICT: Media fan flames of hatred

Re: “Tears, anger nationwide after verdict in Florida” (TNT, 7-15).

Is there a reason that The News Tribune continues to foster and encourage a bias towards racial inequality? As a Christian man and someone of Native American heritage, I have experienced my share of racial tension.

Today’s world is so much different from what I experienced as a child in the South. To my joy, I see many mixed-race couples enjoying the freedoms that were fought for in past generations. Unfortunately, the views issuing forth from today’s media seem to be fanning the flames of hatred.

Both men made

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TNT: Photo of child with gun inappropriate

You cannot imagine my shock and disgust to open the paper and see a picture of a child behind a machine gun! Even if it was innocuously labeled “Kids’ Boot Camp” at JBLM , The News Tribune’s choice to publish that particular photo (TNT, 7-20) was disturbing.

Haven’t we heard enough about the dangers of guns and children lately? The timing of course was unfortunate, although there was no way to anticipate the horrendous tragedy of the shooting in Colorado. While I support the right of people to own a gun, I also support the need for gun control laws.


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TNT: Liberal bias is all too obvious

Why don’t I subscribe to The News Tribune anymore? Its liberal bias disgusts me.

I walked by a News Tribune paper box at a retail store on the day after Super Tuesday and glanced at the front-page headline. It said, “Romney barely wins key Ohio primary.”

The real political news of the day was obvious: that Romney won six of 10 Super Tuesday contests, including Ohio, or that he more than doubled his delegate lead over Rick Santorum, and quadrupled his lead over the third-place challenger.

But you liberals can’t report the news accurately anymore. You love to put a

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TNT: News priorities lean to the left

In the Feb. 8 paper on the front page, The News Tribune ran a huge picture and story about a house being torn down to make way for a medical building. Inside the section were two stories of interest to most of us locals about Rick Santorum’s three state victories and Obamacare birth control mandate.

Sure seems to me that those stories belong on the front page!

You certainly managed to get the California gay-marriage issue on the front page, though! Your one-sided, left-leaning bent is painfully obvious. Your readers deserve better!


TACOMA: Headquarters’ losses really hurt

Thanks to columnist Bill Virgin for his excellent piece on public companies abandoning Tacoma (column, 7-31).

More than public companies, it is the loss of headquarters that hurts. When a headquarters firm is acquired by out of town interests, our economy suffers. Acquisition of Russell Investments by Northwestern Mutual is the most recent example, but there are many others.

To bring it really into focus, does anyone really think Tacoma is better off with The News Tribune being owned by McClatchy Newspapers of Sacramento? McClatchy is a fine company, but the loss of the old Tribune Publishing Co. headquarters

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