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NSA: Agency tracking potential terror threats

The word “spying” should be replaced with “traffic analysis.” The National Security Agency is performing traffic analysis like before the Battle of Midway during World War II.

In 1941, the military wasn’t able to decipher the Japanese messages but could read the “To,” “From” and “Copy to” lines of messages. This information was married with location information derived by multiple direction findings from Alaska to the Panama Channel. A Navy officer put these pieces of information together into a picture of the Japanese fleet structure and the various task force movements about the Pacific.

The NSA is doing the same

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TERRORISM: Stop intervening in the Islamic world

When it comes to the so-called war on terror, we’ve all been told by our government that these terrorists “hate our freedom,” and we must fight them tooth and nail to save our way of life. The way we do that is to launch military campaigns against places like Afghanistan and Iraq.

What have we gotten out of the wars there? We’ve spent a ton of money and have a debt approaching $17 trillion to show for it. We have thousands of dead and wounded young Americans to show for it, and, through our interventions, we’ve generated enough hatred in

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SYRIA: Obama’s actions encourage terrorism

President Obama’s policy of leading from behind has resulted in America losing world influence and the world becoming a more dangerous place.

At least one dictator or some terrorists have become emboldened enough to use chemical weapons against their own civilians without fear of recourse from the U.S. or the rest of the world.

None of this should be a surprise.

Our president’s failure to respond to the terrorist attack against an American consulate in Benghazi that resulted in the deaths of our soldiers and an American ambassador invited more acts of terrorism.

Not fighting terrorism has diminished our world

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FORT HOOD: Religious reference doesn’t make shooting terrorism

Re: “Massacre was terrorism, not workplace violence” (letter, 8-9).

The writer uses the same old deception that we’ve come to depend on by conservatives: Because the Fort Hood shooter yelled a religious slogan, that makes this a “terrorist” event.

When there are events where other religious slogans are shouted – like “God bless (fill in the blank)” – does that makes those events terrorism as well?

How about recognizing that the Fort Hood shooter was mentally incapacitated, and his penchant for religious slogans is but a part of his ailment?


OBAMA: Why leak information helpful to the enemy?

Our president allowed detailed information leaked about the taking down of Osama bin Laden. The operation was undertaken about a group that never leaks details, the Navy Seals. They were put in great danger.

Now he has allowed specific information about an intercepted telephone call to be leaked, “secret” information from the National Security Council.

Why? Ego, politics, or aiding and abetting the enemy?


TERRORISM: It’s OK if president is profiling?

Why is it that all travelers at the airport from sick children to frail old people must be treated like potential terrorists because profiling is considered illegal, but it’s OK for our president to close down a dozen embassies in Muslim countries when there is a worldwide terrorism threat?

Isn’t that profiling also? Why aren’t we closing embassies in Japan, Norway, Australia and India? I guess it depends on who is doing the profiling.

If it’s the president, then it’s fine. Remember that the next time your scared, crying 3-year-old is probed at the airport.


TERRORISM: Closing embassies play into al-Qaida’s hands

After due reflection on the news about the embassy closures around the Arab world, it seems to me that we are doing exactly what al-Qaida wants.

The more correct approach to this would be to beef up the security, cancel all leaves and have a contingency plan to bring in additional troops if needed. The people in these establishments know they are targets, but should accept the risk as part of the job.


OBAMA: Questions about trip to Africa

We want to thank The News Tribune for keeping us updated on the extended sub-Saharan African trip President Obama is taking (TNT 6-17). It is reassuring that his 24-hour safety will be maintained by the U.S. government for a mere “tens of millions of dollars.”

Is this extraordinary security because of terrorist groups or to keep taxpayer knowledge at bay? The big question, however, is why would a father willingly take his family into the jaws of danger? Maybe this is another one of the first family’s vacations on the taxpayers’ dime.

All the furloughed federal employees are most

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