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U.S.: Ideas for saving the country

Here are four suggestions for saving our country.

• Term limits on elected legislators (national and state). Career politicians have lost sight, refuse to recognize or understand what the people of this country want. Most have never had a “real” job.

• Cut foreign aid to countries that hate us (which is most of them).

• Review the social programs that have created the “entitlement mentality.”

• Bring our troops back home. Saving the world cannot be our priority when we have people with no jobs. This alone could create the money required to save Social Security for our children.

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POLITICS: Term limits would give the people more voice

The voice of the public would be heard a lot louder and clearer if the people we voted in weren’t embedded in office. There are plenty of bright, capable minds with fresh new ideas out there that would be willing to accept a reasonable limit to the amount of time spent in office.

Term limits for all elected officials would be a step forward for all classes of voting taxpayers. Bipartisan legislation would become much more of a reality than the hopeless, dismal leadership we now have.


AMERICA: Stop encroachment by the government

In an effort to stop government’s encroachment into our personal lives and to ensure the financial health of America, I offer the following suggestions:

Term limits for all politicians; A congressman or woman collects a salary while in office and none while they are out of office. Congress participates in the Social Security system, and all congressional retirement funds, past and present, should be immediately moved into that system. Congress can purchase individual retirement funds, just as all Americans do. Congress can no longer vote themselves a pay raise. It will be based on inflation, same as all Social

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PUYALLUP: It’s time for term limits

Term limits are seen by many as a way to help reduce closed-door politics in Puyallup. However, the Puyallup City Council has again decided to delay the vote and let the public make a decision sometime after the November election.

But wait, many of our concern citizens have already voiced their opinion on the need for term limits. One city council member has clearly stated she doesn’t want term limits. While other board members have different ideas as to how term limits should be applied, I can only assume that some council members are hoping that a change of members

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PUYALLUP: Breaks in service needed, not lifetime limits

Re: “Puyallup City Council doesn’t need term limits” (editorial, 5-27).

Your statement, “Only two of the city’s seven council members have been in office longer than three years,” is currently true, however Mike Deal quit last year after 20 years and Ken Martin quit before him after 24 years.

The proposal of a 10-year lifetime limit for council members doesn’t appear to be intended to make government better for citizens, but rather to take as many members as possible down with the ship.

Term limits are enforced by describing qualifications that must be possessed by a candidate to run for

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PUYALLUP: Voters already have term limit power

Re: “City Council needs term limits” (letter, 5-16).

I am not immune to the appeal of term limits. There are officeholders near and far I would like to see “term limited.” However, I fail to see the logic in disqualifying council members whose only transgression is convincing large numbers of citizens to vote for them.

Term limits by ordinance is a shortcut. If change is desired, roll up your sleeves, recruit viable candidates, campaign vigorously and get out the vote.

The citizens of Puyallup have always possessed the power to limit terms. It’s called an election.