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CONGRESS: Term limits would be liberating

Recently, I watched Maryland Congressman Steny Hoyer complain of “business as usual” in reference to the congressional logjam over the debt ceiling and Obamacare. Hoyer is incorrect in his criticism of “business as usual” because the problem is not the usual business but the “usual culprits” conducting that business.

If we are really going to stop these government shenanigans, we need to establish term limits for members of Congress. Our elected officials are so terrified of not getting re-elected that they won’t do the right thing to help solve our problems.

We are in a mess financially. Entitlement spending at

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CONGRESS: Here’s how to boost its rating

I read with interest that Speaker of the House John Boehner feels that Congress should be judged on how many laws it repeals (TNT, 7-22). What a great idea, since they are the ones that created the law in first place.

I have three suggestions that I am sure would get them high marks.

• Repeal the law that prohibits or does not allow term limits.

• Repeal the law that gives members of Congress their own retirement program. Why don’t they fall under Social Security like the constituents they represent?

• Repeal the law that provides members of

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CONGRESS: It’s past time for term limits

The president can only serve two terms in office. It’s time to limit the terms that members of Congress serve, too.

It seems that the longer elected officials serve, the more distance separates them from those who elected them. They evolve into a political class that looks out for their own selfish interests while telling us how hard they work for us.

I realize that many enter politics to serve the people, but there is no doubt that the longer they serve that the emphasis moves from serving “us” to serving “them.”

Perhaps if senators knew that they would only

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CONGRESS: A pox on both their houses

If anything speaks to the need for term limits it is the way members of both parties in the U.S. House and Senate are behaving like spoiled brats, by posturing, posing and playing chicken with our financial future while leaving the American public twisting in the wind of uncertainty.

If eight years is the time limit for our presidents to serve then it is high time to consider imposing limits on members of Congress, and we should also do away with the right of those who oppose legislation to derail the will of the majority by using the filibuster. Majority

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CONGRESS: Is it time for Senate term limits?

Shortly after the death of Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1945, Congress amended the Constitution to put a two-term limit on the presidency. This was to prevent the complete consolidation of executive power which FDR had possessed.

It was a good idea then and it’s still a good idea today. If you look over the roster of the U.S. Senate, there are several long-serving senators on both sides of the aisle. For example, Daniel Inouye, D-Hawaii, has served since 1963; John Kerry, D-Mass., since 1985; and Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, since 1977. Several senators in the past have made a career out

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DEBT: This is why we need term limits

Re: “No supercommittee deal struck” (TNT, 11-22).

The deficit-reduction supercommittee could not come to a compromise even though the outcome could send the country into another recession.

The article surmises that the committee members saw more danger in a compromise that might affect the coming election. Instead of being true leaders, they fold up and run for cover in hope of being re-elected.

Every time term limits are suggested, they tell us that it takes years to learn the rules of the road in government. Yet when the country is in dire need of true leadership, all of these veterans

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POLITICS: Vote out all incumbents

I would like to suggest an approach to the next election that has never been attempted in our history: Let’s vote out every incumbent, whether they be Democrat, Republican or something in between. Vote every one of them out.

This nation was founded on the principle of a “citizen”-represented republic. We do not need career politicians. This country is headed for a fall of epic proportions, and we need a change. A real change, not like the change we got a few years ago.

We need “ordinary citizens” who have a desire to do what is right for our respective

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DEBT: Quit spending what we don’t have

So why is the richest and most powerful country in the history of the world teetering on the brink of possible financial disaster?

As with all complicated problems there is no one simple solution. But if the current financial impasse tells us anything, it is that far too many politicians can no more control their urge to try to please voters by approving uncontrolled spending than final-stage drug addicts can control themselves.

A balanced budget amendment might not be a perfect solution, but may well be the only way we can avoid the disaster that will almost certainly occur if

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