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TECH: Are youth being served or harmed?

Re: “Digital surroundings beginning in the cradle” (TNT, 6-1).

Studies indicate that more and more the very young are now being introduced to mobile devices, iPads, etc. One teacher even referred to it as an addiction for them in many cases.

Are there pitfalls to being connected so young? Indeed, one early childhood specialist observed that the technology encourages passive rather than active thinking and fosters “intellectual apathy.” The long-term effects could, obviously, be troubling.

Technology sometimes makes a good servant but a poor master, especially for the very young.


PUYALLUP: It’s time to start supporting schools

Re: “M&O levies are critical for schools” (editorial, 1-14).

As a resident and business owner in Puyallup, I have been disappointed with the lack of support some members of our community verbalize. The fact that we have not supported the last four bond measures is frustrating.

I believe that it is time for voters to finally get it right.

Support of Puyallup’s Proposition 1 requires very little consideration. With nearly a quarter of the district’s budget at stake, we must approve the basic maintenance and operations levy with a resounding “Yes.”

Support of Puyallup’s Proposition 2 requires more consideration. The

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EDUCATION: Limit students’ computer time

We’ve all heard or seen signs that children’s screen time should be limited to two hours per day. Too much screen time can ruin creative thinking and handwriting skills. Most parents and experts agree that exceeding the two-hour limit is dangerous to the mental health of children.

Why, then, do schools have their students spend so much time on computers in class? The time spent on Internet research, YouTube videos, smart board and power point presentations, and online tests, adds up to a little over two hours a day.

Baroness Susan Greenfield, a professor in brain neurology, says, “Working on

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