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TEACHERS: Unions just doing what they’re paid to do

The teachers are only asking for what all of us want: bigger paychecks, less work, and the bonus that they cannot be evaluated for continued employment or advancement based on their job performance. Everybody, maybe excepting a few billionaires, thinks they are overworked and underpaid.

Don’t blame the unions, as they are only trying to do what they were formed to do: all of the above. Of course, they have a healthy slush fund of members’ dues. which they dutifully use to to feed treats to their lapdogs in the Legislature. Again, this is what they are paid to do.

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TEACHERS: Strikes offensive to hard-working Americans

Re: Teacher strikes.

If employees struck at my business, I would simply shut the business down knowing that the profits I’d forgo would hurt me less than than the striking workers. If employees strike at other people’s businesses, I no longer patronize that business in order to help the owner realize he needs to close it down, so the deadbeat strikers will be out on the street.

When teachers strike, they should also be out on the street. But since you can’t close down a government school, you instead take your kids out.

Like most respectable parents, I don’t want

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TEACHERS: Higher pay, smaller classes needed

Many teachers have gone on strike protesting for higher pay and smaller class sizes. As a Pierce College student, pursuing elementary education, I agree with their message.

I strongly agree that teachers are underpaid. However, I’m not going into the education field to become rich. Although I want to teach for the students and not for the money, the salary for teachers is definitely an issue. They deserve more pay because they not only teach students, but are big influences in many of their lives.

Sometimes, children don’t have support and love at home and many teachers give guidance and compassion

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EDUCATION: Don’t shift districts’ levy money

Re: ”Classroom equality impossible when levies pay teachers” (editorial, 5-13).

The editorial missed the whole point. All school districts are poor. A few districts are fortunate to have locals who sacrifice to do what the state doesn’t do.

Yes, wealthier patrons manage to subsidize their local school districts. They sacrificed to compensate their local schools, children and teachers out of their own pockets because it’s needed. We should be grateful to those who can help. Levy money belongs to the locals, not the state.

Shifting levy money to state funds is robbing Peter to pay Paul. Well, Peter is now broke, as are the schools

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TEACHERS: Underfunding education is illegal, too

Re: “What lesson do strikes teach kids?” (letter, 5-10).

The writer complained that teachers are setting a bad example by striking to protest the Legislature’s failure to fully support education. Isn’t it the law that the state should fully support education? Isn’t it the Legislature’s responsibility to pass laws to enable that constitutional directive?

They haven’t, and we all haven’t complained very much about it. The law has been continually disobeyed for years, and we citizens have been complicit. Apparently, It is OK to break the law and it doesn’t matter if you get caught.

Now, we’re to be upset that

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TEACHERS: What lesson do strikes teach kids?

Re: “More teachers OK strike to protest inaction” (TNT, 5-6).

I just want to state the obvious: These strikes are illegal under state law. (Check out Rob McKenna’s April 20 essay on smartergovernmentwa.org.)

The teachers won’t be penalized; the students will be penalized in their loss of learning on that day.

This is demonstrating to students that it’s OK to do something illegal as long as you aren’t “caught.” Pretty sad that adults need to resort to illegal actions to make their voices heard.


TEACHERS: Expectations many have are unreasonable

Re: “How do we identify the good ones?” (letter, 5-4).

Having once been a student does not qualify anyone to think they know what a teacher does, unless one has taught for a while.

Being a retired teacher, I saw many changes in education. To compare U.S. education to other nations is unfair, as we have the only school system I know of that tries to educate everyone in sometimes the same classroom: disabled students, non-English speakers, and students whose parents may be poorly educated or who may not value education.

The biggest predictors of how well a student will

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EDUCATION: Teachers do care – maybe too much

Sometimes I wish I didn’t care so much. If I didn’t care, I wouldn’t get that sinking feeling on Sundays as I neglect my family to prepare for the school week.

If I didn’t care, it would be my own child I stand in the shower worrying about, not others’. If I didn’t care, the $1.60 per hour more than Seattle’s minimum wage I was offered to work on curriculum this summer wouldn’t feel like a gut punch.

I wouldn’t care that legislators receive more than this as a stipend each day just to eat. If I didn’t care, I wouldn’t feel

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