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EDUCATION: Poor results show need for reform

“Republican ‘reforms’ distract from meaningful education changes” – a Viewpoint (TNT, 2-14) by state Sens. Christine Rolfes and Andy Billig, reflects the view of teacher unions these many years, namely, “We know exactly how to provide good education, and all we need is more money.”

For decades, America has been paying more per student than any other country, but such expenditure has not translated to good education standards. Perhaps our state Republican senators have noticed this disconnect.

I recently read that 24 percent of Washington’s high school student do not graduate. If so, then reform is needed.

Since there

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ELECTION: Teachers union trying to instill fear

In a recent email to teachers, the Issaquah Education Association – a sub-set of the state teachers union – unloaded a heap of false claims to instill fear into its “customers.”

In the email, IEA President Phylis Runyan describes a scorched-earth scenario in which Washington will become “the next Wisconsin” if Rob McKenna becomes our governor.

Runyan fabricates 32 outcomes, such as “(having) No rights against discrimination,” “No standards for student behavior,” “no medical, family or dental care” and “no input on salary or working conditions.” Her list of false doomsday scenarios goes on and on.

Everything she says is

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EDUCATION: Union’s funding priorities askew

I received an email from Judi Owens, president of the Public School Employees of Washington, that included this statement:

“As the legislative session begins next week, education funding reform – including school employee insurance reform – must be at the forefront of everything lawmakers do. We must see measurable improvement in school funding beginning in 2012.”

Does she really believe that the Washington Supreme Court’s decision on education funding (TNT, 1-6) was to include the out-of-pocket health-care costs of the staff as part of basic education?

We have buildings closing, kids with fewer educational opportunities, people losing their jobs

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BETHEL: Contract reflects teacher greed

Re: “Bethel deal reached; board to vote” (TNT, 8-19).

Once again the union and teachers in the Bethel School District have shown their true colors. It’s not about the children; it’s about the money.

Their latest contract takes money away from children and gives a 1.9 percent pay increase to mitigate the 1.9 percent pay decrease the state took. Unfortunately, state workers had a 3 percent pay decrease, but do not have a “children’s fund” to tap into.