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SHUTDOWN: Congress’ inaction is unacceptable

Shutting down the government and failing to pay the government bills because you didn’t get your way is unacceptable. Many hard-working government employees won’t be getting paid, but members of Congress will.

My voting history could be described as independent but leaning Republican. This time I will be withholding my vote for all Republicans at all levels. I urge others to do the same.

It used to be that we could look to Republicans for fiscally responsible good government. That’s not true anymore. Tea party extremists have taken over.

Obamacare has flaws, but they’re not as bad as our current

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GOP: Party has sunk to a low level

It’s hard to believe that a political party that at one time was the most respected party could stoop so low. Back when President Eisenhower was in office, the Republican Party was the greatest. Now that the tea party is in charge, it has sunk low.

Anyone who would waste their vote on these people is no better than they are. They have no respect for the people who put them in office – only the corporations that fund their agendas. It is extremely sad to see the infrastructure that was constructed by the Republican Party now being destroyed by

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AMERICA: Is our government really working for us?

Is our government actually working for us? I am not asking this as a red state or tea party question – although blue-staters and liberals certainly don’t seem to have much concern (or clue) that this is a problem at all.

We currently have a Congress in a state of perpetual deadlock (except regarding their own perks), a president who appears to lead from behind (or with a Justice Department always in attack mode against individual state laws) and a court system bent on legislating from the bench rather than simply following the law.

Government at the state level reflects

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OBAMA: Critic could use a reality check

Re: “Speech puts failure on display” (letter, 7-26).

The letter is about as far away from reality as it gets. The writer says a recent speech by President Obama shows his failures, when actually it clearly illustrates the failures of the Party of No, otherwise known as the Republicans.

The modern world is not something the conservatives can accept, as they constantly throw roadblocks in front of the president on such issues as comprehensive health care for all citizens, fair immigration policies, women’s health and women’s choice, gay rights, stronger gun laws, protecting the environment, reining in the excess

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MEDIA: Arrogant analysis of the Boston bombing

We now know who the murderers re who planted the bombs killing and injuring innocent people at the Boston Marathon. Until now we have been treated to the arrogant media – print and electronic – telling us that the culprits are most likely right-wingers who are angry at the government because of taxes (MSNBC). Or the fervent hope that the perp was a white man and not a Muslim (Slate).

Really? It reminds me of the instant analysis on ABC that the shooter at the Colorado movie theater might have ties with the tea party. Or that the shooting in

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GOP: Tea party is destroying Republican Party

The art of politics has historically been defined as the art of compromise. The tea party apparently has a religious aversion to the word. Those such as Richard Lugar (a fine politician) who actually practiced compromise lost in a primary; the tea party doesn’t want them.

Now come issues such as the sequester. It doesn’t matter that it harms the country. The tea party doesn’t believe it. They believe taxes of any kind are a sin. To read Paul Ryan’s budget proposal with its draconian cuts to Medicare is shocking.

I guess they believe old people are disposable, no matter

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MILITARY: Another good thing about the sequester

Due to lies, deceit and an unbending stance on ideology (not to mention the goal of opposing anything President Obama tries to accomplish), the GOP and the Teapublicans have possibly managed to enact defense spending cuts – something the evil, freedom-hating lefties have supported for decades.

Thank you, Teabillies, for making it impossible for moderate and attached-to-reality Republican leaders to even think about responsible governing.


POLITICS: Is third party being born?

I noticed the newly anointed savior of Republican compatibility, Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida, will deliver the GOP response to President Obama’s State of the Union address. And, in my estimation, he’s a good choice – Hispanic, seemingly moderate on most issues and not an obvious puppet of big money.

But whatever policies he puts forward, however smooth his delivery and regardless of the tempting morsels he tosses to the tea party, in my opinion the GOP will remain divided. Estimates are that 15 to 20 percent of his Republican audience will represent the more libertarian tea party and they’re

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