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GOP: Tea partiers should consider the Dems

I remember the irony I felt when I heard things tea partiers were saying in the previous general election when they claimed they wanted to take their country back. Among the quotes were things like, “Don’t steal my Medicare!” and “Hands off my Social Security.”

Well, folks, Republicans have now, through their proposed budgets, made it very clear they have no such intent. I guess that’s the problem with having to lead.

In the past, they had the Paul Ryan budget, but they could pretend it was fake because it would never get through the Senate. Now, it looks very

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IMMIGRATION: Writer reflects far-left propaganda

Re: “Kids aren’t political fodder” (Viewpoint, 7-3).

Rather than setting the tone for thoughtful deliberations aimed at meaningful solutions, Professor Maria Chavez has chosen propaganda over informed analysis regarding the problems of border security.

In reporting the tragic plight of children who are crossing our borders illegally, she questions the motives of Americans in our “xenophobic” immigration debate. The crisis on our borders has been brewing for many years largely because Congress is a body that responds to crises, rather than acts proactively to head them off.

As for the American public, the largest group of which consider themselves

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EXTREMISM: Author shows his liberal bias

Re: “Nothing extremists love more than hijacking revolutions” (TNT, 1-1).

It’s interesting that Ben Barber includes Republicans, Catholics and the tea party among the extremists, putting them in the same category as the Muslim Brotherhood, the Taliban, Hamas and other terrorist groups. Really?

I happen to be a conservative and tend to vote Republican because the Democratic Party has been hijacked by the liberal/progressive faction. I am also a Catholic, and none of the Catholics I know could be described as extremists.

While I am not a tea party member, I support a lot of their values. They believe

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DEBT: Raising the limit is now just routine?

Under the Bush administration, why was raising the debt limit irresponsible and unpatriotic (Barack Obama’s words), yet under the Obama administration it should just be considered routine (again Obama’s own words)?

Routine? Therein lies the problem. Obama refers to tea party supporters as being radical and on the fringe. Since when is advocating fiscal responsibility and self-reliance considered radical and being on the fringe?


POLITICS: Through the looking glass into Foxland

Here is what people believe in Foxland:

The tea party “won” the government shutdown battle by identifying the moderate traitors in their ranks.

Barack Obama is an avowed Marxist, which is why he named Goldman Sachs and Wall Street, those well-known hotbeds of communism, to steward the economy, .

The Progressive Left loves Obama. Not at all. He is continuing Bush-style aggressive militarism and the shredding of the Bill of Right. We don’t even like him.

The mainstream media have a liberal bias, even though they are owned lock, stock and barrel by right-wing multinational corporations. Does this make any sense

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SHUTDOWN: Obama haters launch Civil War II

What do you call it when rebels, representing mostly states of the old South, take Congress hostage and sabotage our national economy? I call it the second Civil War.

Let’s stop beating around the bush. They got elected to Congress in 2010 with the sole intention of destroying our federal government. They failed by legislation, at the ballot box, and in the courts, so now they attempt a coup. This is not about health care or the budget. It’s about their fear of federal government, their disdain for the rest of the nation and their hatred for our president, whom

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POLITICS: Koch brothers behind tea party shutdown

It’s well documented that the Koch brothers funded the national tea party rallies. They’re now behind the tea party’s government shutdown.

The Kochs have long promoted their own brand of libertarianism, which purports to be about freedom from government interference. But their plan is to wreck our government so they can take it over.

The strategy of the billionaire’s club is to divide and conquer. High-paid operatives have perfected the old game of feeding grass-roots bias to splinter the opposition and pit citizen against citizen. Neighbor blames neighbor instead of recognizing the real enemies of democracy.

Professional propagandists have honed

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SHUTDOWN: Don’t give in to economic terrorism

The United States has a long established policy of not negotiating with terrorists. The premise of this policy is that to do so would open the doors for terrorist organizations everywhere to demand anything they want with the genuine hope of our government giving in to their demands.

Appeasement of fanatics is not a long-term solution. But what happens when the leadership of our own House of Representatives is the terrorist organization?

President Obama is absolutely right in not opening the doors of communication with tea party terrorists. Even if you don’t believe the Affordable Care Act is a wise

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