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TAXES: Lower sales tax and tax income

I think we need to get rid of the sales tax or at least lower it below 5 percent, including all the various county add-on sales tax. Replace it with a state income tax.

Taxes must be raised, not only for education but for infrastructure. You can’t drive a straight line in Tacoma or Seattle because of the potholes. The Republican/Tim Eyman model of less and less tax is turning Washington into a third-rate state. Apparently these people don’t get out of the house or drive much.

In addition there needs to be a public education program that tells the

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TAXES: Home costs are out of control here

My wife and I retired 10 years ago and moved to Florida. We bought a nice house with a pool, and life was good. Then early last year we decided to move back to the Tacoma area – too many missed birthdays and holidays with our daughters and grandkids.

We have been looking at condos in Lakewood and University Place. We really liked one in UP until we saw the property taxes and homeowners association fees – just shy of $9,000 a year. Add on insurance and utilities and you are talking about $1,200 a month just for the privilege

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ELECTIONS: Bill would nullify majority will

In her legislative update to voters, state Sen. Jan Angel, R-Port Orchard, supports SJR 8213 to amend the Washington Constitution to require a two-thirds majority vote of the Legislature to raise taxes. She argues that such received the support of state voters and therefore should be adopted.

Her argument is contrary to a bill she has co-sponsored, SR 6307, which would nullify the votes of all voters and local representative public bodies in all counties, cities and subdivisions thereof regarding efforts to provide minimum employment standards for businesses within the jurisdiction.

SeaTac voters would see their efforts to set a

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BOEING: Little wonder work’s coming in shoddy

Reading about the problems with the 787 Dreamliner’s fuselage constructed in South Carolina (TNT, 2-5) should give pause to all of us. The quality of Boeing planes is now in doubt, at least in my mind.

Truth be told, the South – which was widely touted as having qualified workers – has never been known for supporting public education. Only the plantation owners’ families might be educated – certainly the poor whites and the slaves were not. And with forced integration, many better-off families send their children to private schools.

Which leads me to wonder where we will get

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INCOME: Let’s guarantee a minimum income

Income and wealth inequality are at a peak. Automation and cheaper computer power imply a future stripped of mid-level jobs because fewer Americans will have the education and self-discipline to master future technology. The rest will endure stagnant or falling wages or unemployment.

Liberals and conservatives have different approaches to these problems. Liberals want to add social programs; conservatives want to cut taxes to stimulate personal initiative and hiring.

Extending the Earned Income Tax Credit to become a Guaranteed Minimum Income (GMI) should appeal to both parties by eliminating a profusion of social programs while providing a minimal, progressive cash

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TAXES: We already have most regressive system

Surprise! Washington’s Supreme Court finds the state still does not adequately fund education (TNT, 1-10). So Superintendent of Public Instruction Randy Dorn suggests raising sales and property taxes.

Meanwhile Citizens for Tax Justice recently reported that “the state whose tax system is hardest on poor families is Washington state.” And The Washington Post gleefully headlined, “The State that Taxes the Poor the Most is a Blue One” (i.e., Democrat).

So, notwithstanding we already have the most regressive taxes in the nation we now consider adding to them. Income tax? Forget it.

Incidentally, excepting only Alaska, where the state gets

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GOP: Real agenda is not paying taxes

For the past four years, the Republican Party has staked its entire existence on opposing health care reform in general and what is called Obamacare specifically. This is particularly ironic since much of the law has been drawn from the GOP’s own ideas and policies.

Despite Republicans’ often frenzied efforts and success at keeping supporters in a high state of rage and anxiety, they have not and cannot stop the Affordable Care Act.

Indicative of their real agenda has been the tremendous rejoicing and gloating at the temporary failure of the websites, more evidence of a party-first, country-last attitude. All

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BOEING: We’ll all pay for that tax break

So the Washington Legislature has given Boeing an $8 billion tax break for the 777X (TNT, 11-10). So, will the Washington Legislature give the taxpayers a break?

Of course not. With the $8 billion tax break for Boeing, we taxpayers will pay more taxes to make up the difference.