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TAXES: Why do the feds get to decide on spending?

Hardly a day goes by that the newspaper or TV does not report on a federal grant or fund for roads, schools or anything else you can imagine. Does anyone ask where this money comes from?

This money comes from our taxes. After a large potion goes to support a bloated bureaucracy, some of the cash dribbles back to us if a federal employee decides that we deserve it and if our representatives in Congress have the clout to push it.

Think of the money that could be saved if the this money was kept locally and we could decide

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TACOMA: Park bond scope too broad

We Tacoma residents love our parks; however, the scope of the current park proposition is too broad and too expensive. A reasonable undertaking would be to fund the aquarium, the polar bear and Rocky Shores exhibits and replace water pipes for Point Defiance. These are time-critical “must-do” projects. The total cost for these projects would be $71 million, rather than the $198 million that is being proposed. Priority should also be given to the Ruston Way waterfront parks and the Prairie Line Trail, as these areas bring people directly to our restaurants, shops and museums thereby generating tax revenue and

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TAXES: Pro-tax vote isn’t for ‘greater good’

Re: “Too many of us opt out of the greater good” (editorial, 3-13).

As you argued, too many of us opt out of promoting the greater good. People should burden themselves by setting their phones to receive Amber Alerts. People should burden themselves by getting vaccinations.

But you also ask people to “support badly needed school funding measures,” and by that it appears you’re asking people to vote “yes” on various school levies. That’s an interesting point because approving a tax levy isn’t about burdening ourselves; it’s about burdening others.

One of the great lies, often repeated in America,

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TAXES: Money state gets isn’t spent correctly

Re: “Lower the sales tax and institute an income tax” (letter, 3-8).

The writer must not be aware of how our state government works. If the state were to ever institute an income tax, it would not lower any other tax ever. It is called “greed.”

The more money this state gets, the more it spends on the wrong things. The transportation budget has been delayed for too long now. There are projects to finish (state Route 167, for one) that just keep getting pushed to the back burner. A state income tax would not guarantee that any of

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TAXES: Lower sales tax and tax income

I think we need to get rid of the sales tax or at least lower it below 5 percent, including all the various county add-on sales tax. Replace it with a state income tax.

Taxes must be raised, not only for education but for infrastructure. You can’t drive a straight line in Tacoma or Seattle because of the potholes. The Republican/Tim Eyman model of less and less tax is turning Washington into a third-rate state. Apparently these people don’t get out of the house or drive much.

In addition there needs to be a public education program that tells the

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TAXES: Home costs are out of control here

My wife and I retired 10 years ago and moved to Florida. We bought a nice house with a pool, and life was good. Then early last year we decided to move back to the Tacoma area – too many missed birthdays and holidays with our daughters and grandkids.

We have been looking at condos in Lakewood and University Place. We really liked one in UP until we saw the property taxes and homeowners association fees – just shy of $9,000 a year. Add on insurance and utilities and you are talking about $1,200 a month just for the privilege

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ELECTIONS: Bill would nullify majority will

In her legislative update to voters, state Sen. Jan Angel, R-Port Orchard, supports SJR 8213 to amend the Washington Constitution to require a two-thirds majority vote of the Legislature to raise taxes. She argues that such received the support of state voters and therefore should be adopted.

Her argument is contrary to a bill she has co-sponsored, SR 6307, which would nullify the votes of all voters and local representative public bodies in all counties, cities and subdivisions thereof regarding efforts to provide minimum employment standards for businesses within the jurisdiction.

SeaTac voters would see their efforts to set a

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BOEING: Little wonder work’s coming in shoddy

Reading about the problems with the 787 Dreamliner’s fuselage constructed in South Carolina (TNT, 2-5) should give pause to all of us. The quality of Boeing planes is now in doubt, at least in my mind.

Truth be told, the South – which was widely touted as having qualified workers – has never been known for supporting public education. Only the plantation owners’ families might be educated – certainly the poor whites and the slaves were not. And with forced integration, many better-off families send their children to private schools.

Which leads me to wonder where we will get

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