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TAXES: Inslee proposes a tax-and-spender budget

Re: “Inslee budget highlights” (TNT, 12-19).

What a surprise. To address a $2 billion state budget shortfall, Democratic Gov. Jay Inslee is going to up the cigarette tax and throw in new taxes for capital gains and carbon emissions. And repeal more than several current tax breaks.

Washington’s cigarette tax is one the highest in the country and will burden the heaviest smokers, often those struggling to get by. Imagine the wonderment as cigarette tax revenues evaporate to nearby states, where legions of Washingtonians already buy their liquor. Sin taxes are the first and last refuge of a tax-and-spender.

Capital gains tax

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TAXES: Consider fairness of low-income tax credit

Congratulations on the timeliness and the basic fairness thrust of the editorial (TNT, 12-4) comparing the state sales tax deduction with state income tax deductions. However, the editorial may have been unduly harsh on our congressional delegation and the president.

We have paid federal taxes in Washington state for more than 40 years. We consistently itemize. We use the sales tax deduction depending on availability. Last year the sales tax deduction saved us about $450.

However we would willingly suffer the inconvenience of “not knowing” or even forgo the sales tax deduction if the tradeoff, as it was in this case, is

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TAXES: All non-profits deserve break

Re: “IRS shouldn’t allow churches to disregard tax law,” (editorial, 12-2).

I realize editorials are all about opinion, but I expect better from The News Tribune. When you don’t address the real issues, you just inflame peoples existing prejudices. There other non-profit organizations that pay no taxes and yet have the freedom to make political endorsements (like unions).

Why are churches limited in their free speech? Why would a journalist want to limit others’ free speech? Why don’t we eliminate all non-profit tax breaks and plug the budget hole at the county jail?

These organizations exist to make all of

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TAXES: Churches should pay

Re: “IRS shouldn’t allow churches to disregard tax law,” (editorial, 12-2).

Why is it the churches have always been tax exempt in the first place?

Here’s an idea. Let’s fix all the potholes in town and paint all the much-needed stripes, and send the bill to the churches. Problem solved.


TAXES: Krauthammer is confused – again

Re: “Nation needs lower corporate taxes – now,” (Charles Krauthammer column, 8-29).

Krauthammer uses tortured logic while acknowledging some of the largest corporations pay a 13 percent tax rate due to tax loopholes. I’d take that!

As usual, he doesn’t tell the whole story. Article 1, Section 8 of the U.S. Constitution invests Congress with the power to lay taxes, with the 16th Amendment giving Congress the power to levy income taxes, including those to corporations. The executive branch cannot levy taxes, a fact Krauthammer ignores in his zeal to paint Obama as hypocritical for noting that tax loopholes

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BUDGET: Funding there if tax breaks are repealed

Re: “Do we fund schools first? Or mental health now?” (editorial, 8-12).

Adequate state funding for both education and mental health programs would be a lot easier if the Legislature repealed tax breaks that are no longer relevant.

Example: Amgen has received roughly $3.6 million annually since buying Immunex, totalling $28 million. Its revenue last year was $18 billion, and its stock is at a historic high. Amgen is leaving Washington – but also leaving Colorado, which has more generous tax subsidies.

Our state House of Representatives wanted to cut some no-longer-needed special tax breaks; our current state Senate

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PENINSULA: Taxes too high for those on fixed incomes

Let’s put numbers on Peninsula School District’s “96 Cents makes Sense” propositions.

Since retiring in 1995, my local school assessment has more than doubled, going from $333 in 1995 to $774 in 2013. If the present levies are approved, my school assessment of $1,054 will be triple that of 1995, resulting in my property taxes surpassing one month’s retirement check, with more than a fourth of it going to local schools.

New construction is on the rise, and every new structure that is built within the district adds taxable value to undeveloped property. Where are these new local school taxes

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TAXES: We have to pay if we want good roads

Re: “Come out and say it: Good roads need taxes” (editorial, 7-20).

I am reminded of the upheaval caused by California’s Proposition 13 several decades ago. Taxes were slashed, and before long, funding for vital state services began to run dry. The vitriolic venom from the citizens was a staple on national news broadcasts for a long time.

Finally a state legislator appeared on the news one evening with a timeless quote: “Everyone wants to go to heaven, but nobody wants to die! Nobody wants to pay their taxes, but nobody wants to take a cut in services either.”

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