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TAXES: Don’t let tax credits for poor expire

Re: “Jeb Bush and the laziness doctrine” (Paul Krugman column).

It seems that Jeb Bush is already off to a wobbly start, since he managed to immediately stuff one foot in his mouth. It was his brother, George W., who predicted his tax cuts on capital gains and dividends would usher in an “ownership society.” But the opposite happened.

In 2000, one of every eight taxpayers had capital gains income. In 2012, it was one in 15. Capital gains is taxed at a much lower rate than regular income, and wealthier people enjoy this tax loophole.

Since the Wall Street

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BUDGET: Why target poor and middle class?

Re: “Inslee expected to sign $38.2B budget” (TNT, 7-1).

What’s this? We’re solving our state’s economic crisis on the backs of the poor, middle class and workers again.

Why is it always the easy solution? And I hear that we’re still not funding the schools at the level ordered by the state Supreme Court.

Oh, the rich don’t want to pay any more taxes? Well, we don’t either.

It’s amazing to me that we have one of the highest populations of wealthy people in our state, and we have the most regressive tax structure of any state. Of course

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TAXES: Exaggerations about capital gains tax

Re: “Two problems with capital gains tax” (letter, thenewstribune.com).

The letter writer quotes without attribution an article about Connecticut’s economy from Investor’s Business Daily, a very conservative publication.

The argument is that Connecticut’s income tax, the third highest in the nation including increases over the years, has done nothing to solve its fiscal problems, According to the rabid anti-tax faction, there is a slippery slope – once a state adds an income tax, there will be more tax increases.

In an attempt to scare Washington voters about the proposed capital gains tax, the letter writer compares the economies of

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TAXES: First the rich pay, soon the rest of us

State House Democrats want to impose a new capital gains tax. They say it will only be levied against the rich. The money will be used for, of course, schoolchildren, the mentally ill and homeless kids.

Does anyone actually believe once a new tax is in place, it will only affect those dirty rotten rich people? Once in place, the new tax will soon affect anyone who has saved money.

If you disagree with new taxes, according to state Rep. Laurie Jinkins (Viewpoint, 6-7), you really want kids to be uneducated, the mentally ill untreated and poor children unfed. No,

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TAXES: Get rid of the fat in Olympia

As the politicians in Olympia prepare to do what they do best, which is try and see how many more taxes they can heap on our backs, I wonder why we never hear them say they are going to clean up the tremendous government waste prior to coming to us for more money.

I guess if they actually did that, they would be admitting what we already know: that they don’t know what it is they are supposed to be doing.

Speaking of taxes, someone explain to me why we need 98 House members and 49 senators with their big

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MARIJUANA: Use revenue as I-502 intended

As a student of Pierce Ccollege at Fort Steilacoom, I feel that tax revenue from marijuana sales should be concentrated where it was originally intended. Initiative 502, which voters approved, states that “new state and local tax revenue generated will be used for: education, health care, research and substance abuse prevention.”

According to the National Association of State Budget Officers, Washington state’s total expenditures for FY 2014 equaled $25.1 billion, with 23.4 percent spent on K-12 education, 14.3 percent on higher education and 11.9 percent on Medicaid. Between 2009 and 2013, the share of the Washington state budget spent on Medicaid decreased from 21.4

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TAXES: Capital gains isn’t a reliable revenue source

Our governor’s 5 percent capital gains tax proposal on the “rich” to fund schools sounds good in theory. The theme is the “rich” can afford it and should pay more. That plays real well in the press.

The problem with theory is that is does not meet reality. First, capital gains income varies from year to year depending on the stock market. When the market goes down, as it always does over time (remember 2009 when it dropped from 14,000 to 6,300), there was no capital gains income to report. No gains, no revenue. Then what, governor?

Second, the “rich” have an

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GIG HARBOR: Where’s transparency about taxes?

The majority of the Gig Harbor City Council has asked the state Legislature in Olympia to increase Gig Harbor property taxes above the normal increase.

If property taxes need to be increased, wouldn’t it be better to have this need and discussion on the agenda, in a publicized meeting, instead of making this request on the sly? This request appeared on one of those consent agendas, under Intergovernmental Affairs Committee minutes as part of the council’s 2015 Legislative Agenda.

Also in the council’s agenda is a request to the Legislature to limit access to public information. Perhaps some council members think residents don’t need

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