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JOBS: Tariffs needed more than better education

Thomas Friedman’s recent column (TNT, 8-12) used a lot of words to tell us something we already know: American schools are not the best in the world, not even close. But what he neglected to mention was that even if our education system regains the top spot, our standard of living is going to continue downward unless additional steps are taken.

Friedman said it himself: CEOs manufacture their goods where labor is cheapest. So no matter how smart and educated we are, businesses are going to abandon America until our wages fall below the wages of places like China

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JOBS: Increase tariff on imports

In order for the U.S. to compete in the world market and to create jobs here in this country, I believe that a higher tariff should be imposed on most imported goods.

The reasoning behind this is that imported goods would be more expensive here, but also that manufacturers would find it more rewarding using local labor to produce their products rather than importing finished goods.

Some persons may say this would raise prices, but it would be offset by more jobs in the U.S. More jobs equals more income. As the U.S. has changed from a manufacturing economy to

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