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WAR: Why not just get out of the Middle East?

When I watch the evening news, the discussion is always about how we should attack the government of Syria, the Islamic State or the Taliban. Most of the politicians seem to be critical of the president for not being aggressive enough.

I was watching “Democracy Now” the other day and they were interviewing Cathy Kelly, a peace who has made many trips to Iraq and Afghanistan. She wonders why it is never discussed that maybe the solution to all this war stuff is that the U.S. just needs to get its military out of the Middle East.

It is widely acknowledged that

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MIDEAST: US policy based on weapon sales

The Middle East appears to be complicated and U.S. policy confused. But it’s really very simple. You only need to understand two rules.

• No matter who American arms manufacturers sell billions of weapons to, the weapons end up in the hands of the most vicious extremists.

• U.S. arms merchants and their bankers don’t give a damn, as long as they make the sale.

We invariably end up fighting enemies we created and who use our weapons. America armed and financed the Afghan resistance against Russia, which became al-Qaida and the Taliban. We financed the “Sunni Awakening” in Iraq, and since

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BERGDAHL: US shouldn’t negotiate with terrorists

While it has been a long-standing policy of our government not to negotiate with terrorists, once again President Obama has chosen to make up the law to suit his wishes.

Without contacting Congress 30 days before releasing terrorists at Guantanamo Bay, as required by law, he agreed to release five hardened, high-level terrorists being held there in exchange for a malcontent deserter who may well have collaborated with the Taliban, which would not only make him a deserter but a traitor as well if true.

While I agree that one is innocent until proven guilty, according to the reports of

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EXTREMISM: Author shows his liberal bias

Re: “Nothing extremists love more than hijacking revolutions” (TNT, 1-1).

It’s interesting that Ben Barber includes Republicans, Catholics and the tea party among the extremists, putting them in the same category as the Muslim Brotherhood, the Taliban, Hamas and other terrorist groups. Really?

I happen to be a conservative and tend to vote Republican because the Democratic Party has been hijacked by the liberal/progressive faction. I am also a Catholic, and none of the Catholics I know could be described as extremists.

While I am not a tea party member, I support a lot of their values. They believe

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EDUCATION: Malala’s shooter feared power of learning

Why did he do it? What caused him to shoot a girl point blank in a school van? It was an idea.

The idea that the cause she stood for had to be stopped in any manner. Her stand for the right of girls to have an education threatened his world-view. According to Taliban beliefs women must stay in their homes unless accompanied by a male relative. Windows are covered to prevent outsiders from possibly seeing a woman’s body.

Malala threatened that world-view. If women are educated they might all begin to speak out just like she did with power

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PAKISTAN: Shame aplenty to go around

Re: “Taliban shoot girl, 14, over education ban” (TNT, 10-10).

Shame on the Taliban for waging war on children.

Shame on the Pakistani government for allowing religious lunatics the run of the country.

Shame on the Pakistani people for allowing an ineffective and corrupt government to remain in power.

Shame on the Islamic clergy for allowing their religion to be hijacked by fringe groups that have no respect for life.

Shame on the Pakistani people for rioting over a film and standing by at the attempted murder of their future.

Shame on the rest of the world for not

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AFGHANISTAN: Time to get our troops out

I have long ago come to the conclusion that “nation building” in a backward country like Afghanistan is a fool’s errand.

We did not go into Afghanistan simply to enlarge an empire or to gain access to some strategically important resource. We went in after we were attacked by al-Qaida terrorists on Sept.11, 2001. Al-Qaida had its base of operations in Afghanistan with the blessing and support of the government controlled by the Taliban.

We quickly defeated al-Qaida and the Taliban and established enough control over the country for the Afghan people to elect their own government. Foolishly, we permitted

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MARINES: Their leaders are the ones to blame

In March 1945, Gen. George S. Patton famously peed in the Rhine on his way into Germany. While no enemy dead were there to be leaked upon, the symbolism was undeniable: He was urinating on the entire German nation and was cheered; his act struck a chord in the primal parts of a lot of brains.

As our secretaries of defense and state, and other high officials, line up to condemn the Marines seen peeing on the Taliban dead, I stand with those Marines. I don’t condone the act, but it pales compared to those of their leaders.

Sent far

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