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POT: Tacoma fails to protect neighborhoods

I am disappointed with Tacoma’s disregard for residential neighborhoods and businesses in its handling of retail marijuana stores and medical marijuana dispensaries.

Why is Tacoma allowing a cluster of four marijuana sellers (two retail and two medical) within three blocks in the Sixth Avenue Business District in the heart of a residential neighborhood? Cities more respectful of their residents’ health, safety and welfare – including Aberdeen, Bellingham and Mountlake Terrace – limit marijuana sales to light industrial or industrial zones.

When the U.S. Department of Justice’s top enforcement priority is preventing distribution of marijuana to minors, Tacoma’s permitting four sellers of

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TRANSIT: Tacoma plan doesn’t further vision

Re: “The vision: Light rail throughout the region” (editorial, 11-16).

While reading you editorial urging completion of the light rail system to Tacoma and Everett (Lakewood also), I kept thinking about the current Tacoma segment linking downtown to the Tacoma Dome.

I recall reading of the recent public planning exercise that seemed to endorse extension of the Tacoma segment from its northerly terminus up the recently rebuilt Stadium Way to connect the hospitals to downtown.

Could the resources for this project be redirected to an extension from the Dome towards Fife, Federal Way and Sea-Tac Airport? A current project

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COUNTY: $90 million palace for bureaucrats

Re: “Drawings unveiled for 9-story county building” (TNT, 11-9).

Considering the massive office vacancies available in downtown Tacoma, why are Pierce County bureaucrats blowing $90 million of our hard-earned money on a new palace for themselves?


TACOMA: City needs fairer parking policy

I received a $25 parking ticket for a $1 or $2 infraction. The sense of violation is similar to someone breaking into my home.

Did I do it on purpose? No, I live downtown and know about the parking machines. I even brought extra change on that day, but I absentmindedly walked directly from my car to the restaurant.

Why can’t the City of Tacoma reprogram these devices so that customers can retroactively pay for their parking and then mail in the sticker with the ticket? As far as I know, this option is not available, but it would demonstrate a

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ELECTION: Tacoma misses opportunity

Obviously, the people of Tacoma wanted change, given the overwhelming support they gave the charter amendments. As a member of the charter review committee, I say “Bravo.” I am sure most committee members would agree.

It is a shame that the council refused to allow the people to decide if they should have a mayor-council-chief administrative officer form of government. Given the mood of the people, it probably would have passed. But that would have shaken the status quo, so Tacoma misses an opportunity to move forward.


TACOMA: Conservation charter amendment good for everyone

Conservation of electricity and water saves money for all utility customers and protects the environment. Tacoma Public Utilities uses conservation programs to meet growth in demand and save money. TPU’s award-winning conservation programs have exceeded their targets four years in a row.

The utility uses incentive programs for residential and business customers that help them save money by lowering their utility bills. These programs mean that the utility does not need to build expensive new facilities to meet growing demand.

Important protections in the City Charter prevent city employees from personally benefiting from city business. One unintended consequence is that

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TACOMA: Don’t burden business with sick leave

Tacoma Mayor Strickland sees herself as the great social reformer. She wants to pass a law that would require all businesses to provide paid sick leave for employees (TNT, 10-28).

Why do city government officials think they have the authority to implement this burden on business? Tacoma does not need to follow the socialist governments of Seattle and SeaTac. The mayor and City Council need to remember that City Of Tacoma business is their task and not running private taxpaying businesses.

Get back to issues like fixing potholes, providing painted crosswalks, extending the Link light rail where its not needed, trying

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TACOMA: High-paid TPU managers need better oversight

Looking on the Tacoma Public Utilities website, “accountability” is one of its core values. So why then, are some TPU managers and corporate lobbyists so opposed to more transparency and subverting Tacoma Charter Amendment 6?

While watching city budget discussions, I was surprised to learn that TPU has nearly twice as many managers making six figures compared to other city departments. Our utility rates keep going up while the only people who seem to benefit are those at the top making $320,000 plus car allowances with huge contributions to their pensions.

Our elected officials should have the opportunity to weigh

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