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BELLARMINE: Change threatens Tacoma traditon

Bellarmine Preparatory School is proposing a change to its campus that threatens to eliminate an annual spring tradition in Tacoma.

The proposal would move school maintenance and other “support services” to a new location, replacing the greenhouses that are necessary to grow native plants and vegetables for the annual spring plant sale.

Tacoma residents have grown to count on the native plant sale and large selection of vegetable plants with which to begin their spring planting season. The annual event raises more than $20,000 for the school.

I encourage community members who support the plant sale, connecting students with our

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FERGUSON: What about justice for officer?

Re: “Tacomans echo demand heard in Missouri” (TNT, 8-20).

It is appalling to me the number of people who are passing judgment on Officer Darren Wilson when the facts aren’t fully known at this time.

One teenager in the Tacoma protest commented that “People are being tear-gassed (in Ferguson) when you’re just standing there protesting.” Reports and videos show that Molotov cocktails were being thrown at the policemen.

How many of us would like having bottles of urine thrown at us? Or our stores broken into and burned, stock stolen by an unruly mob?

The governor of Missouri should

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TACOMA: School is full of diversity and learning

Re: “Students’ sex acts cited in firing” (TNT, 8-16).

I am compelled to write in response to former teacher Sandra Holmes’ statement that racism played a part in her being firing from her job.

Grant Center for the Expressive Arts is our neighborhood school, a place that reflects the wonderful diversity and vibrant energy of this community that I have watched grow and evolve over my 20 years living here in the neighborhood.

Our goal is to make sure every single student at Grant has the opportunity to be able to learn and express themselves through art in education.

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TACOMA: City’s negligence opens it to liability

You would think a dead-end road in Puyallup would be a quiet neighborhood. It usually is, but we have one horrible, noisy neighbor: the City of Tacoma’s McMillan reservoir.

The 20-acre wooded parcel has good parking and is very private. This is a draw to parties and illegal drug use and other crime. The City of Tacoma Water Department has done nothing to police this with signs, fences, etc., after years of illegal activity and crimes.

This last Friday night, the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department at one point had six cars and K9 units trying to disperse hundreds of cars

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TRASH: Since when is the curb a garbage dump?

What is with the recent phenomena of disposing of one’s unwanted items on the street in front of one’s home? This practice has gained in popularity recently and has taken on a life of its own.

Putting out unwanted beds, furniture, sinks, TVs, car parts and whatever else you don’t care to properly dispose of is tacky at best, not to mention an eyesore. Trying to get City of Tacoma code enforcement to respond when these items sit there for days or even weeks is about as easy as getting that pothole filled.

Have we become so calloused in our

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TACOMA: Does city need a fix?

The Nose (TNT, 8-8) referred to a survey regarding how residents of cities feel about their community, its services, quality of life and government. Distressingly, only 27 percent of Tacoma residents view the city in a positive light.

There was more in the 144-page report that The Nose did not reference, including some positives. However, one telling number is the fact that only 32 percent had confidence in city government, showing that the people might want a chance to change to form of government, as recommended by the recent charter review committee.

Our present council refused to put the

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TACOMA: Tansy Hayward set a very high bar

I wanted to write a tribute to Tansy Hayward, Tacoma’s assistant city manager, upon hearing of her resignation. I realized immediately that it was hopeless: There’s not nearly the space here to do so, and where would one begin?

Of course, everyone who knows her wishes her the very best as she moves on.

This is a loss the city will feel deeply. Tacomans who relied on her for action and straight answers will watch closely as the manager attempts to hire a successor.

We can hardly claim to deserve it, but we hope that there’s grace enough in this

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TACOMA: Kids enjoyed ‘bummer’ of a gulch

Of all the gulches mentioned in The News Tribune articles lately, I have yet to see my favorite, Bummer’s Gulch.

Perhaps it is because there is no one left my age who enjoyed it as a child back in the very early 1930s, or as kids maybe we were the only ones who knew it by that name. Supposedly, hobos camped in there somewhere, although we never saw one.

To us kids, it was a beautiful woodland filled with wildflowers we picked for our mothers or wild blackberries or strawberries we ate as we hiked.

I haven’t seen the changes

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