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TACOMA: Why spend on Ruston Way project?

On our morning walk along the Ruston Way waterfront Friday we saw a sign announcing a proposed $4 million project ($3 million provided by the City of Tacoma and $1 million by the Federal Emergency Management Agency).

If the city is having difficulty balancing its budget, how can it afford this expense? If the money is available, but can only be used for construction, why not use the $3 million to repair the Old Town Dock, which has been closed to the public for several years, or some other badly needed construction project (like filling potholes)?

What is the purpose

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DAFFODIL FESTIVAL: Go online and help pick marine parade trophy winner

I’m writing to thank The News Tribune for recently publishing a couple of historical Tacoma Yacht Club (TYC) photos in your “Looking Back” feature. As a TYC member, I loved seeing these shots and reading about each photo.

The publication timing was perfect as our club has done some “looking back” at our history recently as part of our preparations for the 60th anniversary of our Daffodil Marine Parade coming up on Sunday. This year we are trying something new.

Our Facebook site will be used to help determine the People’s Choice Trophy, which is awarded to the parade boat

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