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RELAY: Date change affects youth program

Re: Relay for Life spokesman Michael Fort’s comment about the date change not causing any problems (TNT, 6-1).

I beg to differ. The date change caused an annual Tacoma elementary school track program to be dislodged from its promised venue site, Mount Tahoma High School, affecting more than 300 fourth- and fifth-grade children, their parents and Tacoma staff members who run the meet.

For 18 years, the Tacoma Elementary Physical Education staff has held this track meet on the first Saturday in June, with the meet being held at Mount Tahoma from the first year it opened. Last year, due to conflicts with

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TACOMA: Resolve issues at Lincoln High School

I read with concern that the Civil Rights Division of the U.S. Department of Education is investigating charges of discrimination at Lincoln High School first made public last September (TNT, 3-1). The Tacoma School District is labeling it a personnel issue.

It seems that the civil rights office investigation indicates suspicion that there is some merit to the allegations. The school district has mishandled this from the beginning. A punitive lawsuit was launched against the whistleblowers. No good faith effort was made by the district to investigate.

The lawsuit has probably cost Tacoma taxpayers well over $100,000 – an absolute waste.

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TACOMA: Lincoln has been making great strides

Re: “US to investigate Lincoln High after educators claim unfairness” (TNT, 3-1).

Unfortunately it appears we have three disgruntled educators at Lincoln High School who may be using their own self-imposed limitations as an excuse and reason to indict the Lincoln academic program for having higher standards resulting in better student results.

Thanks in part to people like ex-Tacoma educator Willie Stewart, academics have really improved at not only Lincoln but other high schools in the city. The Re-Engagement Center (recently re-named in his honor) is an option for struggling students who are too far behind to be given

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TACOMA: Drop religious title from monument on school grounds

Your story (TNT, 1-13) about the monument for Dr. Gordon Klatt describes a conflict with our constitutional separation of church and state.
The description of the monument beneath the photograph states that the monument’s title is “The Hands of God.”

For the Tacoma School District to put a monument titled this way on the campus of a public, tax-supported school becomes a direct endorsement of and favoring those religions that believe in a single all-powerful god while at the same time showing disrespect for those who believe in different gods or are free of religious dogma.

Has the school district

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TACOMA: Santorno disappoints SOTA-SAMI students

Sounds like Tacoma School District Superintendent Carla Santorno is behind the decision to cancel the SOTA-SAMI trip to Madagascar that students had worked so hard to plan. Supporters of her probably praise her caution. But I see a craven surrender to expediency, including concern for her own legacy.

The flip side of an American electorate that loves moral righteousness, certainty, and ideology over compromise is its tendency to be flummoxed in ambiguous times. Santorno taints an entire continent, because she can’t make a simple geographical distinction.

I’ve taken students to Africa in times of political violence and State Department cautions:

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FIRCREST: Stop tearing down our history

As a Fircrest resident and teacher, I was happy to read about the adjustments by the Tacoma School District to the schools in Fircrest. However, I was shocked to read that Wainwright, “constructed in 1924, needs to be replaced due to its age” (TNT, 7-25).

I am saddened by how often schools are torn down and replaced, especially by the Tacoma School District. I am a fan of mid-century architecture; I am always sad when schools from the 1950s and 1960s are torn down because they are not deemed attractive, as Hunt Middle School will be.

Wainwright, with its

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TACOMA: Policy will hurt substitute teacher supply

Re: the substitute teacher shortage in the Tacoma Public Schools (TNT, 5-8).

I retired after teaching tor 30 years with Tacoma and became a substitute for the district. Substitutes were required to work at least five days during the school year. Last year the requirement increased to 10 days a year.

Recently I received a letter for the 2014-2015 school year stating that substitutes will be required to accept two jobs a month in order to remain on the substitute roster. This was emphasized and underlined in the letter.

If there is such a shortage, then why have these

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TACOMA: School district wrong to cut PE teachers

I am a parent of two students currently in the Tacoma Public Schools and was recently informed that 16 PE teachers were being let go by the district. They say due to the student body in our high schools and middle schools we no longer need as many PE teachers. Instead of reviewing each teacher and seeing which ones are actually worthy of keeping jobs they are cutting the elementary PE teachers.

We can’t allow our good teachers to be pushed out when they are the education system’s future. Dan Cozine is the great PE teacher at Mann Elementary; he

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