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TACOMA: Hypocrisy in library staff cutbacks

Re: “Libraries may shelve cheapest workers” (TNT, 10-29).

Anyone else see the hypocrisy of the mayor selecting “Nickel and Dimed,” by Barbara Ehrenreich, for the Tacoma Reads book, yet the city is getting rid of living-wage jobs to replace them with two part-time jobs?

Really? Cutting the lowest-paid employees (eight experienced individuals willing to work for $13 an hour), and leaving the bloated, highly paid upper  and middle management intact?

Perhaps no one at the city actually uses the library. Or maybe they just haven’t read the book.


TACOMA: Library layoffs sure to affect service

Re: “Libraries may shelve cheapest workers” (TNT, 10-29).

Tacoma City Manager T.C. Broadnax wants to slash $400,000 from Tacoma libraries without slashing services. Even before I got to that place in the story I was agreeing with Lillian Hunter, president of the library’s board of trustees: To think it will not affect services in some way is ”misguided thinking.”

Broadnax strikes me as the typical thoughtless executive who fails to recognize that it takes people to provide the services he is generously paid to provide. He says “a community member seldom talks to him about who does the work,” it’s

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TACOMA: Library services are not lacking

I take exception to the claim that the Tacoma library system is somehow failing the public (letter, 4-7). As usual, a person decided to use one example as rationale for passing judgement on some public service. In this case, being a weekly user of the Tacoma library system, I feel the need to defend it.

Each Saturday, my three-year-old son and I visit the main branch to check out a slew of books to get us through the week. We have put over 50 items on hold over the previous year and have had no difficulty obtaining any

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TACOMA: City services, accountability are lacking

I believe a good community needs to provide quality city services. Tacoma, however, has fallen short of funding these systems properly. Also, these services have fallen short of being accountable to the people who vote to protect them.

The most inefficient of all of these systems is the Tacoma Public Library. Basic services, like keeping a book on hold and requesting an in-book transfer from one library to another, does not happen. I have personally experienced this lack of inefficiency.

A simple third-grade book for my daughter remained “ in transit” for more than a week. When I showed up

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LIBRARIES: Should city, county systems merge?

Re: The 2011 Pierce County Library System’s Annual Report to the Community.

I was very impressed by the facts and figures in the report. It would be nice to see the Tacoma Public Library produce such a report. In fact, has anyone given thought to combining the two library systems since Tacoma’s system has to make big budget cuts and there seems to be a duplication of services?

This may be a politically charged issue but should be evaluated and acted on it if it is feasible and would benefit the taxpayer.

I love both library systems and hope

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TACOMA: Give money back to libraries

Re: “Medical company bids $700,000 for MLK library” (TNT, 6-9).

Both the Martin Luther King Jr. and the Swan Creek branch libraries were built through a bond issue specifically passed by the citizens of Tacoma years ago to fund library growth and infrastructure, including both new construction and extensive remodeling of existing buildings.

Any monies gained from the sale of these buildings should by rights go back to the library system to continue to fund (and restore) those library services for Tacoma. They should not go into the black hole of the general city fund.

Tacomans didn’t vote for

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TACOMA: Another problem with public libraries

Re: A sad state of affairs for once-proud Tacoma libraries (editorial, 5-14).

The state of our public library system will continue its downfall unless attention is given to an ongoing problem. The downtown main library has become the hangout for the street vagrants. No one wants their little one rubbing shoulders with smelly alcoholics, druggies or mentally ill transients.

I recently took my nephew to a free Muppet movie viewing at the library, one of several family events created to revitalize the library. But the transients joined the little ones in the viewing room to partake of the free

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TNT: My unrepressed memories of Gary Reese

Re: “Pair accuse Lakewood ex-Scout leader, librarian of sexual abuse” (TNT, 9-9).

I am a lifelong resident of Tacoma. I have known Gary Reese for more than 30 years now. When I was a young man (in the late 1970s and up until 1986), I was a regular at the Tacoma Public Library’s Northwest Room. Tacoma history was my passion, and I would frequent the little corner back then, and had access to the Boland Collection, which I would help catalog and organize.

I spent countless hours in that room and cave-like archive, often alone with Reese. In all

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