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TACOMA: Focus on sex diminishes movement

The headline writers were much more attuned to the Out in the Park festivities Saturday, seemingly more so than the writer sent to cover it for The News Tribune (TNT, 7-13)

I don’t doubt that the writer saw what he reported about: “sex,” “hormones,” “loincloths,” “sweaty mass of bare skin.” It’s what all straight people see when they encounter a pride celebration. There’s nothing wrong with those things, but to lead the article with the report of the “Relax. It’s just sex” banner diminishes the entire gay rights movement to something that prizes sex above all else.

I wish

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TACOMA: Focus on potholes, not gay pride

Apparently Tacoma Mayor Marilyn Strickland does not have enough city business to keep her busy as evidenced by her involvement in the Pride and Out in the Park activities for 10 days.

Pride celebrations are now part of the mainstream, so why is she so intent on headlining an event that is occurring with regularity across the country? More importantly, why is the rainbow flag the symbol of the LGBT community  allowed to be flown on a City of Tacoma building? This clearly opens the door for other groups to claim the same rights to announce their special interest events.

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