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DAMS: Hydropower needs relicensing process reform

Re: “Tacoma Power backs power grab” (letter, 6-28).

In his letter, American Rivers’ Michael Garrity mischaracterizes both the effort in Congress to modernize the hydropower licensing process as well as Tacoma Power’s engagement on this issue.

A number of bills introduced in Congress aim to better coordinate state and federal permitting, eliminate conflicting requirements, ensure timely decision-making, and promote transparency and accountability. The National Hydropower Association believes that this can be accomplished in a responsible and balanced manner that protects and preserves natural resources and environmental values. Industry remains open to discussion.

Relicensing existing hydropower projects can take up to 10 years.

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DAMS: Tacoma Power backs power grab

Tacoma Power has successfully worked with stakeholders on the Skokomish, Nisqually and Cowlitz rivers to balance the needs of its dams with the needs of tribes, salmon and local residents. Our communities and the utility have both celebrated the victories that collaboration has brought, such as the state-of-the-art fish ladder on the North Fork Skokomish River that The News Tribune highlighted in an article last month.

However, Tacoma Power recently signed onto a letter supporting legislation that would reverse the federal court decision (Tacoma v. FERC) that led to the successful restoration on the North Fork Skokomish River, among

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TACOMA: Outsourcing is the worst option for Click

Tacoma residents own miles of cable and fiber, Internet equipment, trucks and tools. We even employ living, breathing people answering phones and climbing poles to keep the Internet on in our city. They do a fantastic job; over the past 15 years, I’ve had about 10 minutes of downtime over just two events.

We also outsource some of the operations to the private franchised Internet service providers that don’t publicly report their finances.

Now we have have a hot potato.

Since Tacoma Power doesn’t want to run Click for the city, we should just treat it like all the other utilities: Break it

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TACOMA: Cheaper power benefits non-residents

People against Tacoma Proposition 1 say it will cost jobs. I couldn’t disagree more.

Prop. 1 will create more than 300 good, family-wage jobs in Tacoma. That’s why unions like Teamsters 117, the Pierce County Central Labor Council and others have endorsed it. Unions aren’t the only ones supporting it, though. Prop. 1 has the support of countless local businesses. Good roads and safe neighborhoods are important to everyone.

I should know; I’m a 911 dispatcher, and I take calls from people in Tacoma who need emergency services when they run over potholes on our broken streets. People call all

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TACOMA: That tax windfall won’t last very long

City Manager T.C. Broadnax and the City Council’s lack of understanding about what is a “cost of service” utility – such as Tacoma Power – is surprising. If they didn’t understand or weren’t informed of the raises built into Tacoma Power’s budget, then their only reaction upon finding out should be to direct Tacoma Power to reduce rates to reflect a rate reduction equal to the budget amount for the raises.

Broadnax and the City Council seem to feel it’s OK to treat this as a windfall to show how Tacoma Power has “slack” in its budget to offset the

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TPU: Utility’s initiative an exercise in deceit

Re: “Click wants to raise rates again, by 5-10 percent” (TNT, 6-4).

In the last two years, both Tacoma Water and Tacoma Power have raised rates by double digits and now Click Cable TV proposes a rate increase. So Tacoma Public Utilities would have the ratepayers believe they are putting the customer first? I find this to be very disingenuous.

TPU’s new strategic initiative, Customer Value First, is an attempt to make customers feel as though the utility is really working hard on their behalf, while at the same time implementing major rate increases across the board. TPU is

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CLICK: Rates increase but service decreases

It is ironic that Tacoma Power-owned Click Network just raised its rates very substantially and now is telling its ever-dwindling customer base to “stay with us as we stand our ground” while customers are deprived of KOMO-TV, with its outstanding community reporting, as well as the ABC network.

Has anyone asked Click and its owner about the high salaries being paid to many of its employees? Where are the salary cuts and other cost reductions that one would expect a company to make when times are tough?

It is unfortunate that Click’s days as a cable TV provider in Pierce

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TACOMA: Utility has made some changes

Re: “City challenges vinyl windows” (TNT, 2-23).

Tacoma Power has weatherized about 19,000 homes in our service territory in the past 28 years. When homeowners choose to upgrade insulation and windows, the responsibility for meeting local and state codes rests on them. But the utility can help.

Since learning of Diane Burke’s troubles in 2008, Tacoma Power has changed its weatherization application and brochure – specifically encouraging customers to research things like historic designation. We’ve also worked with contractors to improve their awareness of historic districts and familiarize them with local laws.

In response to Burke’s inquiry, Tacoma Power directed

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