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TACOMA: Protectors or perpetrators?

On Tuesday, I was sitting right here where I’m typing this letter now, minding my own business, when sounds from my front porch compelled me to investigate. What I found was someone pointing a handgun at me and ordering me to show my hands and proceed towards him slowly.

In a matter of seconds my mind raced from delivery person to someone thinking they were funny to the reality that this was a police officer, and he thought I was a bad guy. Once out on the porch, I was able to prove who I was and things calmed down.

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TRAFFIC: Officers lacked common sense

Re: “Driver arrested in South Hill after chase” (TNT, 7-16).

I was stuck in the traffic jam on Meridian caused by eight Tacoma police cars blocking the southbound right lane after officers bumped a fleeing car at 136th and Meridian. I went through at about 5:30 p.m. and when arriving home found that my son had been blocked the same way at 4:30.

Over an hour, eight police cars lights flashing, engines likely running and wasting gas – and for what reason? The suspect was in custody, the car was off the road and officers were standing around gabbing.


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TPD: Responsibility without consequence?

As reported by The News Tribune (4-22), the leadership of the Tacoma Police Department seems to have failed its citizens.

They failed to quickly tell the truth concerning an inexcusable delay in issuing an Amber Alert in the July 4, 2007 disappearance of Zina Linnik. They are failing to be accountable for both the actual delay and for what many could consider outright lies.

Public officials have no right to withhold information and to self-mitigate a catastrophe. They must quickly and fully tell the truth all the time. Citizens pay these people.

The TNT reported Police Chief Don Ramsdell as

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SHOOTING: TNT wrong to criticize TPD

I was very disheartened with the editorial regarding TPD’s silence in the Allen Myron shooting/suicide (TNT, 5-19).

Contrary to popular belief, we are NOT entitled to know every last detail or entitled to have minute-by-minute updates on every police investigation. If the Pierce County Sheriffs Department chose to disclose information during the Brame shooting investigation, that was at its discretion. If Tacoma police choose to wait to release information on the Myron shootings, respect their decision and the privacy of the family.

This editorial appeared to be a direct slam at TPD because The News Tribute could not get information

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