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TPD: Ramsdell’s error isn’t a firing offense

Re: “Police chief ‘lied to citizens,’ review board member says” (TNT, 5-6).

I’m a retired sheriff’s deputy and served on Tacoma’s Citizens’ Review Panel in 2010. I resigned my position after a year for two reasons.

First, the panel’s duties are, by statute, extremely limited, providing little more than proofreading services for the police department’s written policies, making the work tedious in the extreme.

Chief Don Ramsdell was almost always present at these meetings, which took place in the evening. I marveled at his patience and equanimity when, after what had to be a

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TPD: TNT foments public’s distrust of police

Re: “Tacoma chief reprimanded” (TNT, 4-30).

I feel the media are making a mountain out of a molehill on this whole topic of not sending out the Amber Alert for Zina Linnik soon enough. Your paper reported that the murderer himself said he killed her within 15 to 30 minutes of the abduction yet continues to fuel the fire by misleading the public about the Amber Alert possibly saving her life. In doing so, the newspaper is creating the unrest and distrust between Tacoma police and the public.

Both officers in question have spent a lifetime protecting and serving the

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TPD: No reason to expose officer’s human error

Re: “Responsibility without consequence” (TNT, 4-23).

The first Amber Alert the Tacoma Police Department was to issue didn’t go quite how they thought it would. The department relied on one human being to issue the alert. That human being had the audacity to be human. How dare he.

The department has since changed its procedure to allow any sergeant or above to issue the alert. That system was changed without exposing a good human being to more embarrassment than he already was experiencing.

Police Chief Don Ramsdell didn’t mention the reason for the Amber Alert delay. So what? The officer

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TPD: Who can we believe if not the police?

Re: “Chief: Truth not told” (TNT, 4-22).

Not that I am shocked that Tacoma Police Chief Don Ramsdell didn’t fill the public in with “all the details” of the Zina Linnik abduction, as City Manager Eric Anderson so stated, but the fact that this agency also seems to have the same problems as most of our taxpayer services: lies and coverups.

When is it right to cover up for a fellow employee, especially when it concerns the life of a child? I can only think this was done to save a lawsuit and the employee’s job, neither of which is

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TACOMA: Police ignore illegal parking

On Oct. 1, I reported to each Tacoma City Council member, the city manager, the Tacoma Police Department and to several other local officials that there appears to be rampant illegal parking on the East 32nd Street Bridge between Portland and Roosevelt avenues immediately adjacent to signs saying “No Parking This Side.” On at least one occasion since then I have seen a tribal police car roll right on past all this.

To this date, there has been what appears to be absolutely no change of habit by individuals parking on that bridge nor any police action regarding any of

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