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NARROWS BRIDGE: What happened to those colored lights?

In response to a Traffic Q&A question (TNT, 11-22) asking why the Narrows Bridge was partially dark, the state Department of Transportation responded that repairs to the light system were being made to the tune of $1.9 million.

Seems as though this is a great opportunity to install the colored lights we requested upon completion of the second bridge. What happened? Why isn’t this being done?


BRIDGE: Gertie remains are ‘history mystery’

Recently, a reader questioned the authenticity of sections of Galloping Gertie on display at the Harbor History Museum (letter, 10-1). He has expressed his concerns before, and in response we did further investigation.

We have consulted with bridge scholars, who are unable to confirm or deny if the pieces are authentic. We have spoken with engineers who worked on the third bridge who feel that ours are likely pieces of the first bridge due to their original proximity to other known bridge remnants.

As-built construction records have been reviewed by an engineer, who found evidence that the rivet patterns on

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NARROWS BRIDGE: DOT wrong to scam museum

The new Harbor History Museum in Gig Harbor is a great improvement. Moving to the waterfront and having more room for better quality exhibits was the best thing they could have done.

It is a shame however, that its Tacoma Narrows Bridge exhibit inside the front door is nothing but scrap metal that is not from the old bridge. The state Department of Transportation gave the museum the scrap metal and said that it was part of the famous collapsed bridge. Both the DOT and the museum were told the scrap metal is not Gertie parts long before they ever

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ELECTION: Jan Angel doesn’t look out for toll payers

At the Bremerton candidate forum this week, state Rep. Jan Angel attempted to justify voting against SB 6499, the bill modernizing toll collections. She said that under the bill, people who overlooked paying tolls would be fined without the right to be heard in court.

Section 3 subd (2)(b) says a civil penalty may be assessed pursuant to RCW 46.63.160, and requires that citations be processed as parking violations. It is clear from the bill that a person wanting to contest the assessment simply would fail to pay the toll and allow the citation to issue, then either pay the

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