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METH: THA protecting children and families

Re: “Meth tests lead agency to evict” (TNT, 9-4).

As a six-year resident of Salishan in a Tacoma Housing Authority (THA) property, I was saddened by the story, complete with a picture of a forlorn-looking child and predictable comments about how could anyone treat children that way.

A more useful question to ask: Should THA continue to let meth users live in government-subsidized housing, poisoning their lives, their children’s and everyone around them?

I am familiar with four families who were evicted after positive meth tests; 13 of their children spent time at my home. They were often hungry,

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HOUSING: New rules don’t seem realistic

Re: “Housing vouchers no longer for a lifetime” (TNT, 6-30).

I am skeptical of the Tacoma Housing Authority’s new rules that assume people who are on the program will be self-sufficient in a five-year period. I have my doubts that the availability of jobs these people qualify for will automatically make them self-sufficient.

The typical job a low-income person gets is a minimum-wage position that is not always full time and pay enough to cover all expenses. Others, such as a parent with a child with a disability, may make the decision not to work because the specialized care

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TACOMA: Housing agency a good steward of funds

Re: “Audit: THA misspent $10,000″ (TNT, 1-29).

Your coverage of the Tacoma Housing Authority audit report lacks some context.

First, the money went for legitimate activities. As a former THA commissioner, I participated in a number of planning sessions and staff gatherings, for three purposes: to efficiently and effectively discuss the organization’s plans, to improve cooperation among departments, and to train and motivate employees.

Every organization I’ve been in, public or private, large or small, has some version of these same activities. Responsible employers recognize the value of these activities.

The money spent was modest. The auditor questions $39,000

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SMOKING: Public health messages critical

Re: “Smoke-free public housing good for health, safety and costs” (editorial, 11-5).

All Pierce County residents have the right to live in healthy, safe environments that allow them to be productive and engaged citizens. The Tacoma Housing Authority board action is an essential step forward in this effort.

Tobacco smoke causes endless death and suffering through its immediate effects, which include heart attacks, asthma attacks and nicotine poisoning, and long-term effects, such as cancer, heart disease, emphysema and oral disease. The News Tribune’s coverage of this important health issue promotes positive community conversation around smoke- and tobacco-free initiatives that

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TACOMA: Pinegar was a dedicated public official

Avon Pinegar, who was buried Friday, exemplified all that a citizen can hope for in a public official or employee.

His dedication and concern for the benefit of the housing needs of this community through his position as director of the Tacoma Housing Authority and its foundation, which he established and directed until his death, should be known to all. His goal was to provide a decent home and environment for Tacomans on the lower rungs of the economic ladder.

He was appointed director of the THA when Salishan was the center of the city’s drug and crime problem and

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