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TACOMA: Make cuts where most is spent

Re: “Tacoma may drop pothole project” (TNT, 7-12).

Given Tacoma’s budget, it seems unjust that libraries, human rights, community development and public works have endured cuts while police and fire departments consume the bulk of our budget, 61 percent, and “other services” take 20 percent.

Could money be saved if taken from where most is spent? We admire police and fire workers because they offer their lives in the line of duty; in this spirit, they should sacrifice financially. Despite their unions, they should show solidarity.

Also, the city needs to modernize its personnel policies. Employees who earn disproportionate

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MILITARY: Budget cuts need closer scrutiny

I was very disturbed at President Obama’s announcement of his proposed adjustment to the national defense budget. I was even more disturbed by the response of Congressman Norm Dicks, as ranking member of the House Armed Services Committee (TNT, 1-5).

Dicks’ response was directed only to the pacification of his Washington supporters, by assuring them that the president’s adjustment to the budget would have a minimal, if any, effect on any of the defense contracts and other activities being conducted in the state.

As a retired military officer, it has been my understanding for many years that the

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TACOMA: Where’s fire department accountability?

Is there no accountability for performance or oversight of the Tacoma Fire Department budget?

An article (TNT, 4-28) stated the Tacoma Fire Department is currently over budget by more than $600,000. City of Tacoma public record shows the Tacoma fire chief’s annual salary between $134,846 and $172,889. Under the direction of the city manager, the fire chief prepares and manages the fire department budget; he is responsible for the supervision and control of expenditures.

While we as taxpayers are financially obligated for these uncontrolled budgets and expenditures, who is accountable for the lack of fiscal responsibility and oversight? Who and

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