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ELKS: Club members keep giving to community

Members of the Tacoma Elks Club showed their community spirit as their building was crumbling around them.

I went to their surplus sale on Thursday to see if I could get some good deals on furniture or other supplies for a free, nonprofit community writing center that my friends and I are creating. Once I told the members where the tables and chairs would be going, they refused to let me pay, insisting that they wanted the furniture to go to a place where it would help the community. They gave us 10 tables and 40 chairs and encouraged me

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WALMART: Spokesman doesn’t back up his claims

In his Feb. 1 Viewpoint, Walmart spokesman Steven Restivo calls into question the sources Justin Leighton and I used to discuss potential economic impacts of the proposed Elks Walmart (Viewpoint, 1-22). Oddly, Restivo offers almost no reliable sources of his own to back up his claims.

Restivo criticizes studies by Neumark, Zhang and Ciccarella, published in 2008 in the Journal of Urban Economics, and by Dube, Lester and Eidlin of the University of California at Berkeley, calling them “outdated,” “faulty” and “partially based on newspaper accounts rather than verifiable research.”

However, he provides no “verifiable research” – not

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TACOMA: Elks’ legacy is lost jobs, businesses

The Tacoma Elks are poised to turn their property over to an organization that has had a more destructive impact on communities than any other – Walmart. Walmart has forced manufacturing jobs out of our country by demanding that American companies lower their prices to a level that cannot sustain American jobs.

The Elks have been a group of people who care about their communities, and who donate time and money to improve their communities. The first line describing the Elks on the national web page is “Elks Care.” It’s time for the Elks to remember that.

By selling their

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WALMART: Proposal hardly a ‘jobs’ project

Re: “Council right to be cautious about proposed Walmart” (editorial, 9-2).

We applaud The News Tribune for supporting the reasoned and thoughtful approach pursued by our City Council’s slow-down approach. The council acted with reasonable and prudent deliberation with respect to the proposal for a big-box Walmart development for the Tacoma Elks’ property bounded by South Union Avenue and South Cedar and 23rd streets.

There is no objection to competition; in fact, we applaud it. However, the assertion that this is a “jobs” project fails the smile test. That same type of neighborhood retail businesses exist across the street

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