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TACOMA: Neither side wanted a teacher strike

Re: “School strikes of choice – in Chicago and Tacoma” (editorial, 9-18).

I was saddened to read the editorial regarding school strikes. It is important to look beyond sensationalism to see realistically what a strike accomplishes, and it seems the newspaper was unable to do that.

No one on either side of the bargaining table wants a strike; it is always a worst-case scenario. But a strike does serve to make all parties stop to pay attention and focus on the real dividing issues of negotiations.

Neither Tacoma Public Schools nor the Tacoma Education Association was happy with the

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STRIKE: World watching lesson in democracy

As a member of The United Faculty of Evergreen, I support the Tacoma Education Association in its strike for justice for Tacoma teachers and their students. Many Evergreen students on both the Tacoma and Olympia campuses come out of Tacoma schools, and everyone in the state benefits from the quality education they receive.

From my 20-plus years at the college, I know that good learning conditions for students are inextricably linked to good working conditions for teachers.

I am proud of the many Tacoma students who have stood with their teachers, and in the past week have gained new lessons

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UNIONS: Plenty would work those jobs for less

I read the paper Friday, and my heart weeps for the poor, unfairly treated members of the ILWU, the UFCW and the Tacoma Education Association.

How dare a company open up shop and not offer the job to the members of the longshore workers’ union? It is appalling that a company would make any decisions without consulting the ILWU first; it’s only the proper thing to do.

I feel such agony for the men and women working in our ports, making those measly wages and benefits. It’s so unfair. Now it seems that members have taken to

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TACOMA: Teacher strike is not the answer

Members of the Parent Teacher Association (PTA) are anxiously watching the various moves and countermoves by both parties in the contract negotiations between Tacoma Public Schools and Tacoma Education Association, the teachers’ union.

The fate and trust of 29,000 children and their families rest with both sides in this process. When a strike forces parents to miss work or scramble to find emergency child care, families and children are negatively impacted.

While we may personally sympathize with either side in this negotiation process, the bottom line is that strikes hurt kids and will not be supported by Washington State Parent

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TACOMA: School status quo isn’t working

Over the years I have supported our public schools in Tacoma in many ways. However, we must recognize that the status quo is not working. We do have some great teachers in this district and there are many success stories, but the bottom line is that graduation rates are stagnant and achievement gaps are growing.

One of the most critical documents – the collective bargaining agreement for teachers in Tacoma Public Schools – is being renewed this year. That is why the Vibrant Schools Tacoma Coalition has come together to bring the voice of the community into the collective bargaining

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