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TACOMA: Dome roof isn’t what needs an upgrade

Instead of pondering a design on the roof of the Tacoma Dome, the city should spend dollars to upgrade old, aging equipment in the restaurant.

Failing order computers and ancient equipment makes the experience a nightmare for staff and customers.


TACOMA: A Dome to rock the world

Gerry Sperry has an image that would fit the top of the Tacoma Dome to a T. He has presented it to the Tacoma Arts Commission many times for consideration. But the art mavens have decided to use an insipid flower, that isn’t even original to Andy Warhol, and isn’t even interesting in the least, to plop on the top of the Dome.

Meanwhile, Sperry’s idea isn’t even considered: the image of the Earth.

How more important could this image be? How much more beautiful could it be? It would be our Home Dome, unique and timeless.

People should  know there

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TACOMA: Let Warhol art blossom on the Dome

What a brilliant entry into Tacoma the Andy Warhol design atop the Tacoma Dome would make! Just looking at the photo (TNT, 12-9) makes me happy.

Ordinarily, I harbor uncomfortably ambivalent feelings about high art, because it so often caters exclusively to the comfortable upper crust, but this piece would cheer the heart of everyone who passes by it. Tacoma deserves its own icon. Let’s make it happen!


US OPEN: Alternatives for tournament parking

Re: U.S. Open parking (TNT, 2-26).

Has anyone involved with finding available parking facilities for the U.S. Open golf tournament looked into the possibility of parking at Cheney Stadium or the Tacoma Dome instead of Fort Steilacoom Park? These two facilities have easy freeway access and can handle more vehicles than the park.


12th MAN: Another flag was refused Dome placement

Check out the 12th Man flag flying from the top of the Tacoma Dome. Who can miss it? It’s a highly visible nod of affection from Tacoma to this season’s edition of the Seattle Seahawks. For us Hawks fans, it’s a cool thing.

But all is not right behind the scenes in T-Town. Three years ago, 11 local LGBT organizations sent letters to the Tacoma mayor and City Council requesting that the rainbow flag be flown from the Tacoma Dome roof in celebration of Tacoma’s Pride celebration.

The request was quickly rejected by the city, which stated that raising the

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HOCKEY: Tacoma Dome needs another hockey team

The NHL may be coming to Seattle soon. Tacoma should also have a team. We older Tacoma hockey fans remember having the Sabercats in the Tacoma dome. The team did well, but the struggling startup league folded.

Getting an NHL team could be difficult, but why not give it a shot? If that fails, note that each NHL team has two minor league teams. Maybe we could get a minor league team from Seattle having a team.

Are there any Sabercat fans left out there who want hockey back in Tacoma? Let’s go for it!


TACOMA: Dome consultants missed the point

Regarding the Tacoma Dome study (TNT, 12-21), the consultants missed a critical point.

The question asked by the consultants to Seattle and King County corporate entities was whether they would support a Tacoma professional team, such as the Tacoma Kings. The question should have been would they support the Seattle Supersonics playing in the Tacoma Dome – a totally different question that would of elicited a totally different response.

The concept is not as far-fetched as you may think. During the renovation of the Key Arena in 1994/95, the Sonics played in the Tacoma Dome and ranked 13th in

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TACOMA: Dome might be suitable for minor league hockey

I was not surprised by the findings from the feasibility study of the Tacoma Dome that it is not suited for pro teams. I understand Mayor Marilyn Strickland’s dream of getting the NBA or NHL right here in Tacoma.

Having seen a lot of sports in the Tacoma Dome in years past with the Tacoma Rockets and the Tacoma Sabercats hockey teams in the 1990s, it was hard even then to draw crowds and they were minor league.

The talk back then was with improved sight lines and moving the seats closer to the arena, hockey could succeed there. However,

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