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ART: Oldfield center also showcases Western art

The staff and board of directors of The Fred Oldfield Western Heritage and Art Center join The News Tribune in celebrating the Haub Family Galleries at the Tacoma Art Museum. We, too, thank the Haub family for sharing their extraordinary collection of Western art with our region.

However, we believe The News Tribune is only partially correct in stating that this presents “something not available anywhere else in the region” (editorial, 11-14).

The Heritage and Art Center opened its doors in 2001 on the Washington State Fairgrounds in Puyallup. Those dedicated to the center have worked to ensure that the

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TACOMA: Billboard blight threatens civic projects

Tacomans should be excited about two great civic projects that are being built in downtown Tacoma. The $2.6 million Prairie Line Trail project will run through the University of Washington Tacoma, cross Pacific Avenue and pass adjacent to the Tacoma Art Museum.

The museum itself is undergoing a $15.5 expansion and will soon house the Haub Family Collection of Western American art.

Unfortunately, a single rusty dilapidated billboard threatens to squander much of the potential benefit of these civic projects. Sitting right in the middle of the proposed Prairie Line Trail, the billboard with absurdly force the pedestrian path to

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ART: The Nose reveals his ignorance

The Nose column (TNT, 4-26) on the new Tacoma Art Museum wing reveals an ignorance of Western art. It purportedly is a complaint about the architectural design of TAM’s new Western art wing. It reads as thinly veiled, snobbish commentary on “Yee-Haw,” “Yippie-Ki-Yay” art.

I suggest The Nose visit Oklahoma City and the world-class institute that is the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum. The primary focus of the museum is fine art. The various mediums of art, beautifully and professionally displayed, are awe-inspiring, educational and entertaining – not a hint of “Yee-Haw” or “Yippie-Ki-Yay.”

An added note: The

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TAM: Editorial guilty of trivializing donation

Re: “TAM’s sale of Chinese items is justified” (editorial, 3-5).

While I disagree with the Tacoma Art Museum’s planned auction, I find the editorial opinion to be disagreeable in its own right.

Ironically, the editors claim that TAM critics trivialize the 1885 Chinese expulsion from Tacoma when we suggest that auctioning the art would be “symbolically driving the Chinese away again.” The editors choose to ignore the Young family’s original intent in donating the art to Tacoma to “promote understanding and bring people together to appreciate Chinese heritage.” Instead, the editors open their essay by likening the Young family’s gifts

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TAM: Vital aspect of humanity presented

Re: “Disquieting exhibit” (TNT, 3-18).

Thanks to the Tacoma Art Museum and to The News Tribune for a very sensitive and respectful presentation of a vital aspect of humanness. As a Christian clergyman, I want to voice my support for anything that gets us talking thoughtfully about a subject which is so intimately in every life and every relationship, yet is rarely discussed calmly, realistically and respectfully.

Bible believers should applaud the opportunity to look at the complexities of this very human dynamic.

First, the Bible makes clear that God created our human bodies and our sexual nature and

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TAM: ‘Hide/Seek’ offers exceptional opportunity

Re: Tacoma Art Museum’s “Hide/Seek” exhibit.

What is all the fuss about? After attending “Hide/Seek” at TAM, I was quite surprised to see some negative letters to the editor, especially written by those who have not attended this exhibit.

This is a once-in-a-life time opportunity to see some amazing art. It does not matter what religious views you hold dear, how you feel about sexuality, or even what political party you belong to; this is a wonderful collection of art that will keep you thinking for a long time.

In one location you have the opportunity to see works by

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TAM: Exhibit disturbing because it reflects ourselves

Viewers to Tacoma Art Museum’s “Hide/Seek” exhibit will be taken aback by some of the images. Just like viewers in the 1800 were offended when they first saw Goya’s unflattering depictions of the Spanish royals, or when they saw Delacroix’s “Odalisque” reclining nude in an ecstatic repose breathing her passionate abandonment. Or what about our beloved impressionists who were not allowed to exhibit in Paris’ prestigious Salon?

Much of art reflects our humanity, our desires, our horrid acts, our wit, our pleasures, our often misplaced idealism with its contradictions.

There is perhaps a way to look at the controversial video

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TAM: Exhibit shows Tacoma’s tolerance

As a recent citizen of Tacoma, I could not be prouder to live in a city that embraces everyone, regardless of religion, sexual orientation or ethnicity. The Tacoma Art Museum is setting an example for our city, state and nation by opening its doors to the “Hide/Seek” exhibit.

As a heterosexual woman who has been married for 32 years, I have nothing to lose and everything to gain by the richness of this exhibit. It is stunning in all the best ways – beautifully portrayed art with a social message that triumphs and accepts everyone for you they are.


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