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TACOMA: Unfair picture given of union pay

Re: “City union pay, up 13; non-union, 0. How come?” (editorial, 1-27),

As a Tacoma Public Utilities union employee, I must object to the extremely biased presentation of the wage situation with the city’s unions and non-represented employees.

I do not know anyone who has received a 13 percent raise over the past five years. I can only imagine that you were given that figure because one or two unions were so grossly underpaid in the Class and Comp study that the city administration undertook that their salaries had to be raised by 20 percent or more to reach

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TACOMA: That tax windfall won’t last very long

City Manager T.C. Broadnax and the City Council’s lack of understanding about what is a “cost of service” utility – such as Tacoma Power – is surprising. If they didn’t understand or weren’t informed of the raises built into Tacoma Power’s budget, then their only reaction upon finding out should be to direct Tacoma Power to reduce rates to reflect a rate reduction equal to the budget amount for the raises.

Broadnax and the City Council seem to feel it’s OK to treat this as a windfall to show how Tacoma Power has “slack” in its budget to offset the

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TACOMA: Proposal looks like smoke and mirrors

Re: “Tacoma plan cuts 217 jobs” (TNT, 10-3).

City Manager T.C. Broadnax just hired three people from Texas at very expensive salaries with moving costs and benefits. I suggest those jobs be eliminated. Those jobs should have been filled by qualified local individuals, not out-of-staters.

I do not support “a good old boys club” of Broadnax’s Texas friends. Mayor Marilyn Strickland and the City Council were not doing their jobs to benefit Tacoma and Pierce County by hiring out-of-staters for local jobs. Our unemployment rate is high, and I am sure there were local individuals qualified for those positions,

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