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SYRIA: US-Turkey cooperation critical to peace

Re: “Pentagon selects first 400 Syrians to be trained to fight Islamic State” (thenewstribune.com, 3-27).

This article highlights an important partnership between the United States and Turkey as both work toward stability in the Middle East. However, it is critical that this joint training of Syrian rebels to fight the forces attempting to tear the country apart is the first step – and not the only step – in a long-term endeavor.

Without a comprehensive plan that addresses both the Islamic State and the Assad regime, achieving lasting peace in Syria will not be possible.

Turkey has long been an important

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FOREIGN POLICY: Are we the world’s guardian?

Re: “Obama’s miscues reveals his ignorance” (letter, 3-30).

From my understanding of the writer’s intent, I believe he is suggesting that because of the president’s “ignorance regarding foreign affairs,” we “aren’t working in the best interests of our country” when we refuse to deploy troops wherever the Islamic world is in conflict with other factions of Islam or nonbelievers, whoever they may be.

If we accept the writer’s premise, we would probably have troops (with U.S.-supplied weapons) deployed in Syria, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, Pakistan, Nigeria, Turkey, Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt, Indonesia, Chechnya, Gaza, Lebanon and a few I missed.

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TERRORISM: Israel has long fought radical Islam

The civilized world is at war, and the enemy is radical Islamic terrorism. What happened in France last week is what Israel has experienced for decades from Hamas, Hezbollah and the Palestine Liberation Organization.

It’s not a coincidence that the Charlie Hebdo attack was followed by a deadly shooting in a Jewish grocery store. As much as radical Islamic terrorist groups hate non-Muslims (and Muslims who don’t agree with them), they particularly hate Jews and Israel.

Hamas rejects a two-state solution and ultimately wants to destroy Israel. If it were possible, it would deal as brutally with Israelis as Islamic State does

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WAR: Why not just get out of the Middle East?

When I watch the evening news, the discussion is always about how we should attack the government of Syria, the Islamic State or the Taliban. Most of the politicians seem to be critical of the president for not being aggressive enough.

I was watching “Democracy Now” the other day and they were interviewing Cathy Kelly, a peace who has made many trips to Iraq and Afghanistan. She wonders why it is never discussed that maybe the solution to all this war stuff is that the U.S. just needs to get its military out of the Middle East.

It is widely acknowledged that

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ELECTION: Democrats shouldn’t be apathetic

I think we should all be grateful that we have a president who wants all Americans to have a living wage, affordable health care and a clean environment. His commitment to not put American ground troops at risk in the current Mideast conflict after the tremendous price our service men and women and their families have already paid in Iraq further reflects the value he puts on their lives and service to our country.

Diplomacy rather than war with Syria did work to reduce its stockpiles and use of chemical weapons. Diplomacy and economic sanctions have at least kept Iran engaged

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IS: Where will airstrikes lead us?

When it comes to the Islamic State, maybe we can squeeze them back into Syria and continue passionately with our air assault on all the nefarious types assembled there.

But where is this leading us? It feels about as well thought out as taking potshots at a hornets’ nest with a BB gun!


MIDEAST: US policy based on weapon sales

The Middle East appears to be complicated and U.S. policy confused. But it’s really very simple. You only need to understand two rules.

• No matter who American arms manufacturers sell billions of weapons to, the weapons end up in the hands of the most vicious extremists.

• U.S. arms merchants and their bankers don’t give a damn, as long as they make the sale.

We invariably end up fighting enemies we created and who use our weapons. America armed and financed the Afghan resistance against Russia, which became al-Qaida and the Taliban. We financed the “Sunni Awakening” in Iraq, and since

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ISRAEL: Divestiture vote doesn’t promote peace

Kudos to Martin Schram for his op-ed, “Presbyterians’ effort against Israel is misguided” (TNT, 6-26).

The recent vote by the Presbyterian Church (USA) to divest in three American companies doing business with Israel is hypocritical as these companies also do business with Palestinians in the West Bank. Unfortunately, it may also influence other church denominations to follow its lead.

This decision was influenced by the distortions of groups aligned with the global BDS (boycott/divestment/sanctions) movement that regularly demonizes Israel and gives the Palestinian Authority and Hamas a pass. This same movement is now calling the Presbyterian vote a victory.

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