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RELIGION: Not all Jews happy about Chabad center

In the story about the opening of the new Chabad Jewish Center of Pierce County (TNT, 5-27), Rabbi Zalman Heber is quoted as saying, “This is a milestone the Jewish community has been waiting for for a long time.”

I believe this is quite an overstatement. Many in the Jewish community, myself included, do not agree with the customs and some of the practices set forth by the Chabad-Lubavitch movement.


TACOMA: Synagogue story about favoritism

Re: “First new synagogue in Tacoma since ’68 to open” (TNT, 5-27).

The article missed the mark. It’s a shame your reporter didn’t ask:

• Why did government allow some neighbors to ignore city codes and ordinances with respect to the new synagogue’s size and lack of parking?

• Why are neighbors who object to this favoritism afraid of being publicly quoted? It would have been uncomfortable to conclude that on this street, government considers some neighbors more equal than others. It’s a shame.

When plans to build a synagogue were first revealed, I was pleased, even delighted. It’s

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TACOMA: Taxpayers at risk

Re: “City failed to protect neighborhood from large synagogue” (Your Voice, 5-21).

It seems the tax-paying public has been totally disregarded with the Tacoma City Council’s decision to allow the tall building with reduced setbacks in the residential West End area of Tacoma.

Hopefully, the Tacoma School District has required the users of the Truman School parking lot to provide sufficient liability insurance. (In Seattle, $1 million coverage would be required.

Accessibility for maintenance of utilities, including fire, should be easily available and required for this structure. This will be a challenge with the closeness of the adjoining homes and

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