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DISASTERS: Divert funds from speculative climate change investments

I like the idea of a national disaster fund as outlined in a Miami Herald editorial (TNT, 1-6). Money for such a fund could come from current and proposed programs of highly speculative investments attempting to mitigate climate change.

When impacts from climate change occur, as was suggested by Superstorm Sandy, we would then have dedicated funds to compensate victims of catastrophic losses rather than funding highly uncertain returns from currently proposed climate change mitigation programs.


CONGRESS: Sandy relief loaded with pork

The Republicans have been the subject of a lot of criticism lately, and most of it is well-deserved. Their leadership in the House was criticized for not bringing to a vote a spending bill that would provide relief for victims of Superstorm Sandy. While the bill no doubt had good intentions, it was loaded with spending for programs that had absolutely nothing to do with helping the storm victims.

Imagine a vandal doing damage to someone’s automobile. With insurance in place, the car’s owner is somewhat protected from the loss caused by the vandalism. Should the same check for the

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SANDY: Storm reveals power grid weakness

Superstorm Sandy should have made our government realize what our country’s Achilles heel is when it comes to our ability to sustain ourselves in the wake of a catastrophe: our power grid. When Europe re-built after WWII, it buried much of the electrical grid underground. Although it was costly, Europe now has a much more reliable source of energy.

Instead of spending millions of dollars to bring power to the consumers from a system that has so many vulnerabilities, I think it’s time the electrical providers stop wasting money on repairing an antiquated system and start investing in an underground system.

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