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GOVERNMENT: Committee should heed taxpayers

Several weeks ago I sent a letter to Sen. Patty Murray concerning the Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction.

In my letter, I included a list of several government programs, that in my opinion, are a massive waste of our tax dollars. Many of these programs cost millions and in some cases billions of dollars. The total cost of all programs is over $1.3 trillion. I cannot take credit for this list of programs. That was done by someone who did a lot of study and investigation in compiling and publishing the list and cost of each program.

Today, I

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ENERGY: Don’t cut incentives to job creators

I think we can all agree on two things: that Americans need jobs and that we need more domestic sources of energy.

I realize Sen. Patty Murray and those on the debt-reduction “super committee” need to make some very difficult choices, but it would be foolish to generate tax revenue by cutting incentives to companies that are in a position to be instrumental in our economic recovery.

U.S. oil and natural gas companies want to develop our domestic energy reserves; this will in turn create jobs and lessen our dependency on foreign sources of energy. This is one of the

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DEBT: Federal workers’ jobs vitally important

For the congressional “super committee” finding ways to reduce our national debt, there is a deadline approaching that impacts all Washingtonians.

An important element of the committee’s decision involves the federal workforce. On behalf of the 123,000 active and retired federal workers in Washington, I hope the committee supports us so we can continue to fully do our part to protect and move our nation forward.

Every day, the federal workforce creates opportunities for American entrepreneurship, provides dependable services for America’s seniors, brings criminals to justice, delivers vital mail to every household nationwide, develops missile systems to keep us safe

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GOVERNMENT: System has fundamentally failed

We are not a democracy. We are, instead, a representative democracy. We voters elect representatives. They in turn vote on policies that will be most beneficial to the country.

Too many politicians have forgotten that. They consider only the views of the voters who elected them. Have they forgotten that, once elected, they represent the voters who voted for the other guy, too? Have they forgotten that, once elected, they represent all of us?

Our system has failed so fundamentally that our elected representatives ceded their responsibilities to a group of 12 congressmen and women. In doing so, they ceded

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