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MARIJUANA: Heed voters and implement I-502

What is with these small-time, penny-ante politicians deciding they know what’s best for their constituents? Initiative 502 was successfully voted into state law well over a year ago, and here we sit while they drag their feet and quake with fear over federal intervention.

The city councils of Puyallup, Sumner, Lakewood and University Place have no business arbitrarily deciding what’s best for me. They are not my mother; in fact, my 76-year-old mother voted yes on I-502 and is completely in favor of full legal access for responsible adults.

If they are concerned that military personnel do not have sufficient

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ELECTION: Support levies for Sumner/Bonney Lake schools

I am the father of five children, and I want each of them to have access to bigger and better opportunities than I had. I am also a local small business owner and am concerned with the continued economic vitality of our community.

Receiving a robust, up-to-date education is key to giving our children a chance to compete in a very competitive global economy and the future development of our community. That is why I am saying yes to the Sumner/Bonney Lake school levies.

The district’s existing four-year operations and maintenance levy expires soon. As the current levy expires, the

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SUMNER: Candidates showed their true colors

Re: “Bias claim cancels Sumner election forum” (TNT, 10-11).

As a Sumner resident, I was shocked and embarrassed by this article. Shocked that our mayor, Dave Enslow, and four people vying to lead our city would so easily dismiss an opportunity to speak to constituents and so easily dismiss the legacy and legitimacy of the League of Women Voters.

“We are grateful for the service you provide,” Enslow said on behalf of the five. “However, through no fault of your own, we do not feel the proposed forum in Sumner will be able to meet the high standards of

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SUMNER: Who gets windfall from golf course sale?

Re: “Golf course, YMCA on candidates’ minds” (TNT, 10-2).

Let’s look back to see what the original purpose of the Sumner Meadows Golf Links was, other than for golf. It was promised that when there was a profit coming from the golf course, this money would support the parks and recreation department; it was hoped this would be forever.

Fast forward 20 years: The golf course never made a profit, but the land under the golf course did. So when you sell this open space and collect the $50 million, plus pay off all the debt the golf course

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SUMNER: Charging to park is no solution

Re: “Sound Transit will charge to use park-and-ride lots” (TNT, 7-29).

The so-called parking problem at the Sumner Sound Transit station would be eliminated if Sound Transit would enforce no parking restrictions on hose not using the train or bus services.

What benefit does Sound Transit receive by allowing van- and car-poolers to park in their lot in Sumner? Absolutely none. So now they want the people, who actually use the bus and train services, to pay for the right to park in their lot, in addition to paying for the train or bus ride.

Sound Transit’s rationale is

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SR 167: We should look before we leap

The gung ho mandate by some local politicians and union officials toward extending state Route 167 to the Port of Tacoma is worrisome. The mantra of “jobs jobs jobs” is unfounded. It is quite probable this area would lose jobs due to additional gridlock on SR 167.

We have a great example of what we will actually get in the future if local pols get their way. Ironically, Tacoma is competing with the Port of Long Beach for business.

Here is my suggestion. Buy a plane ticket to Los Angeles or Long Beach and drive Interstate 710, the “Long Beach

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SUMNER: City doesn’t need more warehouses

Re: “Sumner golf course property might have a buyer” (TNT, 6-21).

I live in Lakeland Hills above the Sumner Meadows golf course. I’ve played golf there for the past 15 years. In the winter the course is so wet and soggy that the ball plugs when it hits the ground. Un the middle of the golf course, there are large ponds that support many bird species. The course also lies within the flood plain, and a few years ago, it was under water when they released water from the dam.

This municipal golf course is home to

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SR 167: A better idea would be to expand SR 18

I have heard the arguments on why state Route 167 should be completed from the Port of Tacoma to Interstate 5. I don’t buy any of the arguments.

I believe those who support the completion have a money gain of some sort. I also believe they have never had to commute on SR 167 each day. What we really need to do is add the third lane on state Route 18 between I-5 and SR 167. It would cost a lot less then building a new stretch of highway. If we can’t afford to take care of the roads we

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