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SUMNER: Bucich is motivated and energetic

There is a point in a public servant’s time of service where their ideas are no longer fresh, where after many years they have nothing more to offer than experience. This is not uncommon with people holding any office for extended periods of time. Sumner School District’s Director Position 2 is currently held by one of those long-time members and is being contested this election.

Fortunately, we have a choice – and an excellent one, at that. Paul Bucich is a person I have come to know, one who recognizes that the Sumner School District is an excellent place to

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SUMNER: School board needs Casey Chamberlain

I’ve lived in the Sumner School District for over 50 years and taught at Sumner High a number of years, so good schools are important to me.

The Sumner School Board positions over the years have often been neglected. Four years ago, they had three openings and only one person ran for each position. Most other districts have multiple candidates.

This year there is an important change because in District 4 we have two candidates running.

One of the candidates is a very special neighbor of mine, 41-year-old Casey Chamberlain, who has been very involved in Sumner school activities. He

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