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ELECTION: Schoenike better choice for state House

Re: The News Tribune endorsement of Jan Angel in the 26th District (10-5).

Of the candidates, the incumbents obviously have more experience in their respective offices. That does not mean their experience is necessarily superior, and I don’t see that Angel’s experience has helped her be a better legislator or leader.

Of Angel’s 11 prime-sponsored bills, only one, HB 2924 (regulating shorelines of the state solely through the Shoreline Management Act), appears to have anything to do with the stated priorities on her website. That’s not very impressive leadership in these challenging times. We should expect more from our politicians.

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ELECTION: TNT lacks knowledge of issues

If this newspaper had really met, interviewed and studied records of these candidates, I have no doubt it would have endorsed Sumner Schoenike in the 26th Legislative District. For all of you tea party folks, throw the incumbent out and get someone new who really cares about you and not the position.


ELECTION: TNT right to endorse Jan Angel

The News Tribune editorial board was correct in its description of Rep. Jan Angel (editorial, 10-5). She does connect better with her constituents due to her experience as a Kitsap County commissioner, her broad record of community service and her experience in local government affairs. Yes, it makes her a better fit for this district.

I’ve heard Sumner Schoenike at public forums, and the editorial board’s description of him as a ”left-of-center Democrat” is correct. Schoenike, a dedicated community leader and compassionate physician, has an ideology more suited for King County than Pierce County.

The 26th District Democrats attack Angel

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ELECTION: TNT erred in endorsing Angel

I am disappointed that The News Tribune took the easy way out in merely endorsing the incumbents in the 26th Legislative District races. State Rep. Jan Angel is simply not in the same league with state Sen. Derek Kilmer and state Rep. Larry Seaquist. Dr. Sumner Schoenike is.

To say that Angel’s legislative record is thin is gross overstatement; it is nonexistent. Using the excuse that she is in the minority party only begs the question: Did she propose any legislation of substance? The answer is plainly, no.

Schoenike, far from a political newcomer, is a board member of Franciscan

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ELECTION: Jan Angel doesn’t look out for toll payers

At the Bremerton candidate forum this week, state Rep. Jan Angel attempted to justify voting against SB 6499, the bill modernizing toll collections. She said that under the bill, people who overlooked paying tolls would be fined without the right to be heard in court.

Section 3 subd (2)(b) says a civil penalty may be assessed pursuant to RCW 46.63.160, and requires that citations be processed as parking violations. It is clear from the bill that a person wanting to contest the assessment simply would fail to pay the toll and allow the citation to issue, then either pay the

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ELECTON: Sumner Schoenike is for workers

Labor Day is a celebration of people who built this nation, working men and women who constructed railroads, highways, schools and hospitals; harvested timber; and dug minerals and fuel from the earth. It is our day to celebrate our achievements, have some good food with friends and relax.

I attended a Wright Park event in Tacoma. Several local politicos greeted the crowd. U.S. Sen. Patty Murray, state Rep. Larry Seaquist and state Sen. Derek Kilmer, with his beautiful daughters, and many Pierce County and Tacoma officials arrived and spoke with us. The best speech I heard was from candidate

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ELECTION: Schoenike will represent workers’ interest

The Washington Republican Party has endorsed Initiative 1082, which is designed to eliminate the state worker compensation system. State Rep. Jan Angel has called for privatization of that system. That support is obviously a payoff for the support that Republicans receive from the BIAW which is pushing I-1082.

As illustrated in a lawsuit between the Master Builders and the BIAW, the pooling handled by the BIAW currently returns a profit to the organization which it uses in political campaigns rather than reducing costs for pool members. What would make anyone believe that it won’t also profit from privatization? I-1082

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